Load Modeling Tool Helps Users Decide How to Best Use Solar, Storage & Controls

To make the most effective use of solar, it’s critical to know when and how a customer is using power–and see if there’s a match between load and solar availability.

While this seems like a simple idea, using a load modeling tool can help potential solar customers uncover details about their usage they hadn’t considered before […]

The Quiet Revolution: Solar-Plus-Storage Gains Ground

In some parts of the country, the costs of solar-plus-storage are beating grid prices, which is good news for the solar industry and the environment.

For example, in Nevada, regulators in 2019 approved three solar-plus-storage power purchase agreements (PPA) for  Berkshire Hathaway Energy ranging from $31/MWh to $37/MWh. In comparison, levelized prices for grid power now […]

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How to Streamline the Design Process for Large-Scale Solar Projects

When designing a large-scale solar project, it’s critical to tackle classic hang-ups as early as possible to avoid slowing a project and encountering cost overruns, says Ryan Mayfield, instructor, along with Randy Batchelor, of HeatSpring’s Megawatt Design course. 

Designers need to break a project down into stages ranging from pre-award to construction and commissioning. For each […]

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The Benefits of Standardized Solar Contracts

Students in HeatSpring’s newly updated Solar Executive MBA Training Course learn about how to take advantage of a standardized solar contract, one of the course’s important new features.

“If you use your own agreement, you need to find an investor comfortable with it,” says Chris Lord, instructor, along with Keith Cronin, of the Solar Executive MBA […]

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Transitioning to the Solar Business from Other Industries to Find Rewarding Work

The two most active and attentive students in a recent Solar Executive MBA Training course came not from the solar industry but from the Texas oil industry, says Keith Cronin, HeatSpring’s co-instructor of the course.

“Both had extensive backgrounds and were very knowledgeable and aware. They realized the oil industry wasn’t their future, and were really […]

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