Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP) are a hot topic because there are new requirements for some (not all) solar companies. We offer this visual guide as a time-efficient way to get your head around this emerging opportunity.

This is a super basic explanation of a complex topic. If you read this and want more details, here’s a write-up from the lawyers at Foley & Lardner., SEIA, and IREC have published the most useful material on my journey to understand the new requirements.

Going Beyond the Requirements

When apprenticeships are a requirement to win an important project, then they become a top priority. But there are a lot of reasons to upskill your team and the work you do here can create long-term competitive advantages for your business.

We’ve launched several new products and services to help solar companies implement RAPs efficiently and with long-term growth in mind. We’d love to connect with you and start adding value to your planning process from the first conversation. You can start that conversation here: