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“Does this credential give me what I need to get into this field?” That’s by far the most common question we get from people interested in clean energy training. People are busy, money is tight, and no matter how bad they want to learn the information, students want a meaningful credential to show for the time they spend in the classroom.

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Re-Thinking Wire Sizing Rules of Thumb for Solar PV

For many years, the solar industry has followed rules of thumb about oversizing wires to reduce energy losses in solar PV systems.

The rules of thumb call for the PV industry to oversize wires to ensure no more than a 2% voltage drop when transmitting power across conductors. As the energy is transmitted across conductors, power […]

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The Quiet Revolution: Solar-Plus-Storage Gains Ground

In some parts of the country, the costs of solar-plus-storage are beating grid prices, which is good news for the solar industry and the environment.

For example, in Nevada, regulators in 2019 approved three solar-plus-storage power purchase agreements (PPA) for  Berkshire Hathaway Energy ranging from $31/MWh to $37/MWh. In comparison, levelized prices for grid power now […]

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Tips From a Pro for Taking the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam

If you’re a solar industry member interested in taking the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification exam, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the work of instructor Sean White–and to check out his tips about studying for exams.

White, the 2014 Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Trainer of the Year, is an IREC Certified Solar PV […]

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Training that Helps Low-Income People & International Students Enter the Solar Field

Helping low-income people and students around the world prepare for green jobs makes HeatSpring instructor Sean White proud. 

White, instructor of HeatSpring’s Solar PV Boot Camp and NABCEP PV Associate Exam Prep course, is well suited for teaching people from all walks of life and across the globe.

He’s an expert who has penned numerous books about […]

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Energy Storage Could be a Gold Mine for Utility Customers. What’s Holding it Back?

Solar-plus-storage can be a gold mine for residential, commercial and industrial utility customers, says Christopher LaForge, co-instructor of HeatSpring’s 35-Hour NABCEP Advanced Solar Plus Storage: Proposals and Planning course.

But right now, the customers face obstruction from utilities that are intent on retaining old-fashioned utility models, says LaForge, CEO of Great Northern Solar.

Often, the conflict between […]

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