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“Does this credential give me what I need to get into this field?” That’s by far the most common question we get from people interested in clean energy training. People are busy, money is tight, and no matter how bad they want to learn the information, students want a meaningful credential to show for the time they spend in the classroom.

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Which NABCEP is right for you? Let’s Use a Mind Map to Find Out!

Navigating the different NABCEP certifications and credentials can be difficult if you aren’t immersed in the details day in and day out. NABCEP offers one credential (which is the PV Associate) along with 7 professional certifications. 

What’s the difference between all of them? Each one offers hints in the title, of course, but beyond that – […]

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What Are You Allowed to Have in a NABCEP Certification Exam?

Feeling nervous to take a big exam is totally normal. Being well prepared can help to minimize the pre-exam jitters. In this blog post, we’re going to cover what you need to know about what you can have in your NABCEP certification exam.

Ways to Take NABCEP Exams

Candidates can take NABCEP certifications exams in two ways: […]

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Renewing Your NABCEP Certification? Here’s What You Need

Maintaining an active NABCEP certification demonstrates your continued commitment to professional development and expertise in the solar industry. If your NABCEP Professional Certification is coming up for renewal, you may be wondering what’s required for the recertification process.

This quick guide covers the recertification requirements for the following NABCEP Professional Certifications: PV Installation Professional (PVIP), […]

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The Ultimate Guide to NABCEP’s New Energy Storage Installation Professional (ESIP) Certification

The NABCEP Energy Storage Installation Professional (ESIP) Board Certification was created for experienced energy storage professionals who have demonstrated knowledge in energy storage system development, design, installation, commissioning and decommissioning, and operation & maintenance (O&M). Successful ESIP candidates work in a variety of roles in PV and energy storage.

Are you ready to demonstrate your expertise […]

New Course Announcement: Customer Contracts & Agreements

Residential solar systems come with contracts that span 20-25 years. Solar company staff need to become experts in each of the agreements and contracts that are utilized in the development and execution of residential solar construction projects, so that they can communicate these details clearly to their customers. Understanding key components and the role that […]