Are you a residential solar installer looking to elevate your skills and earn credentials to boost your resume? Is your company onboarding new installers and looking to get them exposed to installation fundamentals and the process prior to going onsite? Check out the new K2 Pro Certified Installer Training | Composition Shingle Roofs

This course is perfect for residential solar installers seeking to enhance their skills and for folks newer to solar installation who want to learn the essentials as well as installation protocols for K2 Systems’ racking technology on composition shingle roofs.

What You’ll Learn

Module 1: Composition Shingle Roof Construction

Dive into the fundamentals of roofing that every solar installer needs to know. Learn how to assess roofs for solar suitability, explore various composition shingle roof coverings, and understand the fundamentals of working with them. This module provides the necessary foundation before venturing into PV installation.

Module 2: Roof Attachments for Composition Shingle Roofs

Explore K2 Systems’ range of composition shingle roof attachment options. Whether opting for traditional metal flashing or EverSeal butyl flashing, discover a suite of choices. Learn how to install these products following best practices to ensure a secure and effective solar installation.

Module 3: CrossRail with Composition Shingle Roof Mounts

After securing roof attachments, it’s time to proceed with rail installation (for rail-based systems) and laying modules. Delve into the versatile CrossRail, compatible with four K2 racking systems. Learn the proper installation of CrossRail, K2 clamps, module placement, and wire management, all while adhering to industry best practices.

Successful completion of this course grants students K2 Pro Certified Installer status. This is a credential that can be added to your solar installation resume. Additionally, it provides one NABCEP CEU. 
Enroll in the K2 Pro Certified Installer Training | Composition Shingle Roofs today!