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What are the Types of Manufacturer Warranties?

Product Warranties. Performance warranties. Labor and installation support warranties. There’s a lot to compare when evaluating solar components for your projects. 

When home or business owners choose to invest in a solar energy system, the warranties provided by the manufacturers are often crucial considerations from their perspective as well. Solar product warranties protect your customers’ investments […]

New Free Course Announcement: What is RETScreen Expert? Benchmarking, Feasibility, Performance, & Portfolio

We all know that we need a lot more clean energy on the grid to curb climate change; although, it’s typically not easy knowing what exactly to do or where to start when it comes to clean energy project development. That’s where RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software can help – enabling professionals to build financially […]

1 NABCEP CEU –  Become a K2 Pro Certified Installer for Tile Roofs with New Free Course

Any residential solar installer in the Southwest and the coastal South can tell you that installing on tile roofs requires finesse and extra care. If your team is looking to enhance their skills and knowledge around solar installation on tile roofs, they should enroll in the new free K2 Pro Certified Installer Training | Tile […]

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New Bundle Announcement: Solar Construction Management & Safety Essentials Bundle

Solar construction job openings are growing faster than they are getting filled. In Deloitte’s 2024 Renewable Energy Industry Outlook, it is anticipated that there will be 22,972 annual solar construction jobs created over the next five years. At the same, there’s a half-a-million workforce shortage in the construction sector more broadly that could constrain the […]

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What is Pendulum Distance and Why Does It Matter When Setting Up Fall Protection Equipment?

Per OSHA standards (1926.501), solar construction staff installing systems who are exposed to fall distances of 6 or more feet must be protected from falls by using one of the following methods: personal fall arrest systems, guardrail systems, or safety net systems. On residential solar installations, personal fall arrest systems are the most commonly used. […]

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