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19May, 2015

[Interview] How to Create a Holistic Built Environment – Transportation, Solar, and More

We reached out to Ryan C.C. Chin, Ph.D., the Managing Director and Research Scientist of MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places group, to learn about the initiatives his group is working on to reshape cities into more holistic systems and how the HeatSpring community of contractors, engineers, policy makers, and other […]

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19May, 2015

Boost Your Webinars: Create Dynamic, Community-Building Online Lectures

In this article, I outline why we host online lectures instead of webinars at HeatSpring and share information for ways that we can help you and your business (cleantech, high performance building, geothermal, and more) start hosting dynamic, community-building online lectures, too.


How […]

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18May, 2015

3 Reasons Your PV System Load Profile is Over Inflated and How to Fix It

The article below is a discussion from our course, Batteries in Solar PV Systems, led by Christopher LaForge. Christopher LaForge is the CEO of Great Northern Solar and a NABCEP certified photovoltaic installer. He has been designing, specifying, and installing systems since 1988.


The Energy Master Program […]

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15May, 2015

Preliminary Poll Results: The Future of the Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Program

HeatSpring recently acquired the Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (cSBA) Program. Our first step has been listening to alumni, instructors, and industry professionals about what makes the SBA program unique, and what will maximize the impact of the program moving forward. This listening period will continue […]

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14May, 2015

How to Take the IGSHPA Certification Exam

This is a short video explaining how the IGSHPA Geothermal Installer Certification exam works. The process has changed significantly in the past year – for the better – and we’re excited about how easy it is for students to take the exam now. Highlights include:

You […]

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13May, 2015

[Interview] Battery Expert Christopher LaForge on the Tesla Powerwall

The debut of the Tesla Powerwall has made quite a splash in many circles. Claiming to outperform current battery systems for solar, it has the potential to make a large impact on the storage side of the production of solar energy. I had the chance […]

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12May, 2015

4 Reasons Commissioning on Larger Solar PV Systems is Important

The article below is an excerpt from the discussion board of our last Solar Executive MBA cohort. Student A and Student B are interested in learning more about:

The importance of commissioning on larger solar systems
The potential volatility of SRECs and how to account for changes and […]

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11May, 2015

HeatSpring Acquires Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Program

HeatSpring has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Program, a professional certification program for the green building industry. There are more than 1,200 Certified Sustainable Building Advisors in 12 countries around the world.

This our first acquisition and it’s both […]

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7May, 2015

[Interview] Financial Models and Sample Documents for Commercial Solar Projects

I recently spoke with Chris Lord and Keith Cronin about some of the financial modeling tools and sample  documents that they frequently use to teach solar professionals working on commercial projects. Chris and Keith, who co-teach our Solar Executive MBA course, first talked about the […]

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1May, 2015

Passive House Design: An Investment in the Future

This is a guest post by Mike Duclos. He is a Certified Passive House Consultant and principal and founder of DEAP Energy Group, a consultancy providing a wide variety of deep energy retrofit, zero net energy, and Passive House related services.

This article is intended for […]

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