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1Apr, 2015

How I Failed to Attract Venture Capital and What It Says About HeatSpring

I spent the summer of 2014 raising money. More accurately, I spent the summer of 2014 pitching investors to help our company grow more quickly, failed, and cried about it. This is the story of what happened and what it says about our values and […]

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1Apr, 2015

The Top Challenges with Technical Qualification for Commercial Solar Projects

This article will provide an amazing snapshot of the current technical challenges that engineers and project managers are facing with the technical qualification of solar projects.

Project qualification is a very important part of the commercial solar sales process. It’s where sales, technical skills, and finance […]

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30Mar, 2015

Free Solar Tool: You Need to Teach Homeowners How to Compare Proposals

Residential solar sales still needs a lot of work, especially around the presentation and education of the information in proposals that are given to homeowners. Fortunately, we can make this better by reducing the amount of paperwork given to homeowners and actually helping them make […]

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12Mar, 2015

NABCEP Certification: How To Get It, What It’s Worth

This is a presentation I gave this week in Cleveland at the ElectroExpo. The audience was pretty small, just fifteen folks attended, so it turned into an intimate conversation rather than a formal presentation. An honest discussion about business, renewable energy, and education is right […]

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6Mar, 2015

SpaceNews, Charles Miller, and the Incredible Commercial Space Course

This week SpaceNews signed on as our media partner for the next round of the “Commercial Space Executive Leadership” course developed in partnership with the AIAA. I don’t like hyperbole or excessive hype, even when I talk about work we’re doing at HeatSpring, so I’d like […]

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3Mar, 2015

50 Question NABCEP Practice Test [2015 Edition]

Passing the NABCEP Installer Exam is notoriously hard. On April 11th (about a month from now) the next round of applicants will take the exam. Some will pass (40-50% is the unofficial numbers I’ve heard), some will fail, and all will struggle. NABCEP’s role in […]

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28Feb, 2015

Solar Lease vs Solar Loan vs Utility Rates vs Cash Purchase

(Used with permission. Source:

The above picture is one of my favorite graphs about the residential solar industry. The graph explains exactly why residential solar leasing is dying.

It was created by Barry Cinnamon from Cinnamon Solar as a sales tool for his residential solar business […]

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27Feb, 2015

The #1 Online Resource for Heating Questions:

Looking for an answer to all of your heating questions? Ask Dan Holohan. He’s the founder of the #1 online resource for heating questions: If Dan doesn’t know the answer, “The Wall” will (read below to learn more). I don’t remember how I stumbled across […]

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26Feb, 2015

[Interview] Lessons Learned Developing Community Solar in Washington State

(Source: Joe Deets from Community Solar Solutions. Used with permission)

Today, I have a great interview for you community solar development lessons learned.

I spoke with Joe Deets from Community Solar Solutions in Washington State. Joe was responsible for lobbying in the state of Washington for a […]

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24Feb, 2015

Online IGSHPA Geothermal Certification Course Now Available

Between 2007 and 2011, we helped certify several thousand geothermal installers at 3-day workshops around the country. Oil and gas were expensive, and the industry was going through a big growth spurt. Over the past several years that growth has disappeared, and so did our […]

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