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31Mar, 2016

Understanding the Basic Concepts: Electrical Designs for Motors

A Limited Study of  Electrical Designs for Motors: Understanding the Basic Concepts
by Ken Lovorn
We just introduced ‘Electrical Design for Motors’, a 6 CEU course on designing electrical systems for various types of motors.  In our 50 person sampling of the electrical industry, we found that some of […]

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23Mar, 2016

HVAC Engineering: Chilled Floors + Humidity

On the Integrated HVAC Engineering discussion board, expert Robert Bean answers questions about chilled floors and humidity considerations and air mixing…
Student 1:  
Chilled floors seems like a great idea, and if you’re going to do a radiant system, you might as well consider cooling and heating.

The […]

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18Mar, 2016

Free Lecture: Renewable Energy for the Developing World

What is renewable energy? What is the developing world? How do these concepts relate? Expert instructor Ian Woofenden explains…
Renewable energy (RE) technologies have broad application in the “developing world”, or rural countries and areas that have less technology and infrastructure. In fact, bringing RE to poorer and […]

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17Mar, 2016

8 Factors in Building Safe Double Stud Wall Cavities With Cellulose

On the Passive House in the Real World discussion board…
Expert instructor Mike Duclos discusses key factors to building double stud wall cavities (packed with Cellulose) safely

Student 1:
Hi Everyone, I’m excited to get started! I’m interested in looking into wall assembly details to compare and contrast the benefits […]

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8Mar, 2016

60 speakers, 16 sessions, 29 lectures and 9 panels: Solar Asset Management North America 2016

For the third year in a row, there’s only one place where you can learn everything you need to know to mitigate risk and maximize financial returns on your PV assets: Solar Asset Management North America. The world’s largest event on solar asset management takes place […]

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7Mar, 2016

#NationWISE 2016 Takeaways: Mentors, Allies & Revolutions in Solar

#NationWise 2016 may be behind us, but there’s still plenty to learn about the burgeoning solar industry and opportunities for women within it.

After an absolutely fantastic night at Greentown Labs with our esteemed panelists, guests and fellow women-in-solar supporters, we’re thrilled to share some of our […]

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4Mar, 2016

New Free Tool: Cooling Application Sizing Guide

EIC Solutions, Inc.’s eBook “Understanding The Importance Of Properly Sizing Your Application” is a resource created to assist and educate consumers to identify realistic sizing requirements.
Conducting a sizing will help you accurately determine how much cooling is required for your application. Appropriately sizing your application […]

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1Mar, 2016

To Defect or not to Defect? Going Off the Grid with Solar + Storage

Why consider defecting from the grid? Is there room for utility and solar + storage compromise?
The combination of solar plus storage is on everyone’s mind these days. There is a huge buzz in the solar industry about the prospect of adding storage to their PV systems.

But […]

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29Feb, 2016

Megawatt String Sizing Tool 2.0

Download Ryan Mayfield’s Megawatt String Sizing Tool 2.0 for free!
This is an updated version of the original Megawatt String Sizing Tool
This updated String Sizing tool includes a large re-work of the modules and inverters used in the existing database. There are significant updates in verifying inverter […]

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25Feb, 2016

A Free Strategic Leadership Course for the Sustainable Building Community

Join Kathleen O’Brien and amplify your leadership effectiveness today
In a series of 20 presentations and interviews recorded in 2014, Kathleen O’Brien shares the strategic leadership model that is at the core of EMERGE programs, along with case studies, and practical guidance to assist you on […]

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