The use of high performance HVAC equipment can result in considerable energy, emissions, and cost savings (10%-40%). Whole building design coupled with an “extended comfort zone” can produce much greater savings (40%-70%). Extended comfort includes employing concepts such as providing warmer, but drier air using desiccant dehumidification in summer, or cooler air with warmer windows and warmer walls in winter. In addition, high-performance HVAC can provide increased user thermal comfort, and contribute to improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

HeatSpring instructors and courses are geared toward high efficiency systems and written for the leaders the industry.

Heat Pump Retrofits – Let’s Not Screw Them Up

You’ve probably heard a lot of hype around heat pumps. States (e.g. New York, Maine, California) are setting aggressive targets and encouraging more heat pump installations because they are a big part of how we can meet climate goals.

But at this year’s Building Performance Conference in Minneapolis I heard about all the ways we might […]

Siegenthaler’s “Air-to-Water Heat Pump Fundamentals” now free for Members (and their friends)

Heat pumps are getting really popular and we need more people to install them. If you know somebody who might make the jump, here’s a fun way to give them a nudge:

Starting today, for a limited time, “Air-to-Water Heat Pump Fundamentals” is free for HeatSpring Members and their guests. Members can give the class for […]

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How to get money for heat pumps in New York

The state of New York wants more heat pump installations, so they created the NY Clean Heat Program. NY Clean Heat pays qualified contractors for every heat pump installation that meets their standards.

To participate in the program, you need to become an approved contractor. Here’s a link to the application. Here’s what they will ask […]

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“Geothermal Heat Pump Fundamentals” Now Free for Members and Their Friends

Starting today, for a limited time, “Geothermal Heat Pump Fundamentals” is free for HeatSpring Members and their guests. Members can give the class for free to somebody they know who wants to get started in the geothermal industry.

Members: Email info(at)heatspring.com or Jackie or Brian or Brit – send us the name and email address of […]

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EPA Section 608 Certification – Now on HeatSpring

Now you can get your EPA Section 608 Certification through HeatSpring. The course includes three 100-question practice exams and a full year to ask instructor Brynn Cooksey as many questions as you want. We offer a guarantee that you will pass the EPA Section 608 exam on the first try or we’ll pay for your […]

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