What is the Purpose of Manufacturer’s Warranties?

When prospective solar customers are making financial decisions about their solar equipment, understanding the purpose and coverage of manufacturer warranties is crucial for ensuring peace of mind and long-term reliability. These warranties serve as a promise from manufacturers to stand behind their products, offering protection against defects, performance issues, and unexpected failures. 

In the video and […]

What is the Residential Clean Energy Credit and IRS Form 5695?

If a homeowner is purchasing solar for their home in the United States, undoubtedly, they will want to apply for the Residential Clean Energy Credit. Solar sales professionals need to understand the basics of this tax credit, so that it can be clearly explained to prospective residential solar customers. Of course, all customers should still […]

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New Course Announcement: Customer Contracts & Agreements

Residential solar systems come with contracts that span 20-25 years. Solar company staff need to become experts in each of the agreements and contracts that are utilized in the development and execution of residential solar construction projects, so that they can communicate these details clearly to their customers. Understanding key components and the role that […]

What’s Winning Online Solar Sales? 

When it comes to the online solar buying landscape, the team at EnergySage is well positioned as a thought leader. Founded in 2009, EnergySage was created to educate homeowners about solar and the solar purchasing process. Back in 2012/13, they launched the first online comparison marketplace to connect shoppers to a vetted network of solar […]

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Tim & John’s “Clean Power Hour” Podcast

Why did you decide to start your business?

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? 

What makes you tick? 

Knowing these things are prerequisites for a positive work relationship, and they’re hard to learn from a website or a LinkedIn profile. 

Long-form podcast conversations are more intimate than most digital media, and in the solar industry there are […]

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