The Factors that Establish You – the Sales Person – as a Trusted Authority

You’re sitting down with a homeowner who is considering going solar. They have questions, concerns, and are looking for guidance. In this scenario, how can you establish yourself as the go-to expert and someone they can trust wholeheartedly?

It all boils down to two crucial elements: trustworthiness and expertise. These factors are the building blocks of […]

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Learning & Development Leaders are the Unsung Heroes of Solar

How can the solar industry fill 900,000 new jobs over the next twelve years?*

Without learning and development (L&D) leadership, we can’t. Learning and development leaders help us build successful and rewarding careers. They do the hard work required to recruit, onboard, and retain your teammates. If you work with a great L&D leader, give them […]

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Celebrating Top Solar Companies: A Conversation with Arevon 

The United States had 73.5 GW of utility scale solar capacity as of January 2023, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). If everything continues as planned, it will be the first year that more than half of the U.S. generating capacity additions are solar. With so much growth in utility scale solar, we love […]

“Selling & Developing Commercial-Industrial Solar” Included with HeatSpring Membership

Starting April 26th, for a limited time, Tim Montague’s “Selling & Developing Commercial-Industrial Solar” is included with your HeatSpring Membership. Membership gives you access to premium courses that usually cost more, including:

The Hydrogen Economy

Solar Entrepreneurship

Solar Building Codes, Fire Codes, Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage

There are tons of other benefits, too – you can explore membership […]

The Simple, Yet Effective Power of Newsletters in Digital Marketing

One of the most overlooked, yet valuable tools in the solar company’s marketing toolkit is their ability to send newsletters to their email list. Sending a regular newsletter will help to build trust and stay relevant with your audience of clients over time. Consistently building content for your regular newsletter will allow you to repurpose […]

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