Starting today, for a limited time, Keith Cronin’s “Solar Profitability Calculator” is free for HeatSpring Members

Predicting profitability is the difference between a growing company or a shrinking one. The solar industry is struggling with low margin projects. Every dollar counts in a highly competitive business.

“The Marginator” is an excel tool developed by Keith Cronin to help solar companies estimate and track the profitability of solar projects. You can download this tool when you enroll in the course. Keith will teach you how to use the tool and answer your questions as you customize it for your business.

HeatSpring members can enroll at no cost directly from the course registration page.

Know Your Numbers

This tool will take the guesswork out of estimating a solar projects profitability. Your thinking will change about only looking at what something is installed for in the usual language of “cost per watt”. You won’t be just talking about how many million in sales you did but more importantly, how many million did you get to keep.

Important: You will need to have a copy of MS Excel 2013 or newer (for PC or Mac) as we will be using slicers and pivot tables for the calculations.

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