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HeatSpring co-founder. I create opportunities for experts to teach what they know through great online courses and industry partnerships. I also teach a course called "Finding Your Venture" through the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. You can contact me at bhayden@heatspring.com.

BuildingGreen.com Inks Partnership with SBA Program

The completely new Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) curriculum reflects the latest research and thinking in sustainable building. That effort was supercharged this week through a new partnership with BuildingGreen. Now all SBA-ers get access to the treasure trove of tools, resources, and research on BuildingGreen.com. When you register for the SBA program, you gain unrestricted […]

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Six Ways to Maximize the Value of Your SBA Credential

Sustainable Building Advisors complete a rigorous training program, gain direct experience through an in-depth field project, and pass a tough exam on their way to earning the SBA credential. Here are six places SBA alumni display their credential to maximize the value of their SBA credential:
1. LinkedIn
The SBA is a versatile piece of your LinkedIn profile, with the ability […]

Announcing the Inaugural List of SBA Field Providers

Sustainable Building Advisors need a tribe. The global SBA community can provide some of this through in-class discussion, social media, mentorship and support, but it’s critical that you plug into your local, place-based community. SBA Field Providers are outstanding organizations and communities that already exist. Explore the list below and find your tribe.

Here’s […]

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Why the World Needs LEED v4 Project Managers

“LEED v4 Project Management” is our first LEED course ever. We sat out the first wave of LEED education because there were a lot of great courses out there already. So why get into LEED now?
A: Because LEED v4 project management tools can drive down the cost of LEED projects and every project manager should know how […]

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How LinkedIn Transformed HeatSpring Emails

Here’s an email I got from LinkedIn today:

Contrast that with a HeatSpring newsletter from a few weeks ago:

For eight years I was proud of our email newsletter. We put a lot of hard work into making it relevant and worth opening for our readers. That changed when I started getting hyper-relevant email from LinkedIn every […]

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