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HeatSpring co-founder. I create opportunities for experts to teach what they know through great online courses and industry partnerships. I also teach a course called "Finding Your Venture" through the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. You can contact me at bhayden@heatspring.com.

What’s On the NABCEP Solar PV Technical Sales Exam?

If you click in the image it will take you to the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Resource Guide. It’s a 28-page document that is definitely worth an hour for any solar salesperson. That’s how IREC and NABCEP define your role and what they expect you to know to pass the test and gain certification.
Who Takes […]

“Deep Energy Retrofits” with Marc Rosenbaum

Right now, sitting in his office on Martha’s Vineyard, Marc Rosenbaum is building “Deep Energy Retrofits”, the newest Building Energy Masters Series offering. Here’s a recent update from Marc:
I’m happy to report that the ten weeks of presentation powerpoints are done, and I’m starting on the case study powerpoints today. (I am less happy to report […]

Free Lecture: “Economic Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Microgrids” with HOMER Energy

There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter microgrid design. The number of inputs and design choices can be staggering. HOMER Software is the best recognized tool on the planet for microgrid design, and this free lecture will get you up and running on HOMER software. Register for the free lecture here.
Since its release, the HOMER software […]

Free Lecture: “NASA-Funded Economic Analysis of Establishing a Moon Base” with Charles Miller

It’s been decades since humanity walked on the moon, but a new report says a partnership between NASA and private space companies could get us back. One of the authors of this report is Charles Miller. In this free lecture, Charles explains how moon base could be established for $10B via public-private partnerships.
The free lecture includes […]

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Free Lecture: “The History of Solar Thermal in the United States” with Bob Ramlow

This is a fun 40-minute lecture that provides historical context for where solar hot water – solar thermal – is today. Bob also shares some insights about which types of customers are the best fit for solar hot water, and some resources to learn more. Register for the free lecture here.
Nobody has been more influential […]