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HeatSpring co-founder. I create opportunities for experts to teach what they know through great online courses and industry partnerships. I also teach a course called "Finding Your Venture" through the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. You can contact me at bhayden@heatspring.com.

Free Lecture: “The History of Solar Thermal in the United States” with Bob Ramlow

This is a fun 40-minute lecture that provides historical context for where solar hot water – solar thermal – is today. Bob also shares some insights about which types of customers are the best fit for solar hot water, and some resources to learn more. Register for the free lecture here.
Nobody has been more influential […]

What Does “Data-Driven Farming” Mean?


Data-Driven Farming is the thoughtful use of big data to supplement on-farm precision agriculture. It means having the right farm data, at the right time, to make better decisions that improve long-term profitability. “Big data” is a big buzzword. Everyone talks about it, but only a very small percentage of farmers actually use big data because so […]

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Free Microgrid Excel Model

Designing a microgrid is an incredibly complex task – there’s no such thing as a standard microgrid. This unpolished microgrid excel model is a baby step in the direction of standardizing microgrid ROI calculations, which guide planning and decision-making. It’s intended to be a conversation starter. Something to get you and your time thinking about what […]

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Solar + Storage: Commercial v. Utility v. Residential

The best solar + storage opportunities for most companies are on large commercial projects. That was my takeaway from a June 2nd call with Wes Kennedy, Joe Schwartz and David Brearley from SolarPro. The utility storage market is hot and happening right now, but the projects are difficult to access for most firms. Design and equipment […]

Peek at HeatSpring’s New Online Learning Platform

Today we released a major update to our classroom environment that will make HeatSpring courses better. After eight years of experimenting with our own software and trying every LMS under the sun, I can confidently say it’s a game changer.

Here is what makes the new HeatSpring learning platform great:

It’s easier to use and and navigate […]

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