Mastering Construction Drawings in Utility-Scale Solar Projects

The large scale solar industry is growing at an incredibly rapid rate, and it’s one of the most dynamic and exciting sectors to be a part of right now.

However – even with all the growth, the fundamental skills are still extremely important. The ability to rapidly comprehend construction drawings stands as a critical skill for […]

2024 Solar & Storage Conferences – Will You Be There?

After a few years with no in-person gatherings during the pandemic, solar and storage conferences have been slowly coming back in 2023 and certainly now in full force in 2024. Conferences are great because not only do they support professional development by providing top notch educational sessions including the latest industry insights, technological advancements, and […]

What is a Single-Line Diagram?

The single line diagram, or SLD sheet, is an essential component of the electrical drawing set for a utility scale solar power plant. It’s a simplified schematic diagram that illustrates the overall electrical system from the panels all the way out to the point of interconnection. 

Tune into this excerpt from Understanding Utility Scale Solar Construction […]

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Voltage Control Using Inverter Reactive Power Control

This is the fifth of five articles in the series “Reactive Power in Utility-Scale Solar PV Applications.”

In the previous four posts in this series, we discussed what reactive power is and where it comes from, its impact on T&D systems, and inverter-based resources’ capabilities for reactive power injection and absorption.

As mentioned in Blog #2 of […]

What makes construction challenging?

Working in construction can be very challenging. Why is this? HeatSpring instructor Amy Powell asks her teammates, colleagues, and trade partners to dive deep to get to the bottom of this question. 

She found that the majority of the challenges and experiences communicated ultimately boiled down to two things – communication and people. 

Skilled labor shortages. 


Motivating others. 

Initiating […]