The Importance of Solar O&M: Ensuring Longevity and Efficiency of Solar Power Plants

I’ve now worked in large-scale solar for over ten years, contributing to over 2GW of installations and managing multiple projects exceeding 100MW in capacity. 

While my career has primarily focused on the development, design, and installation of solar power plants, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the profound impact of effective Operations and Maintenance (O&M), and […]

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REAP Grants Can Cover 50% of Eligible Solar Project Costs – So Who’s Eligible?

For solar sales professionals, it’s essential to stay informed about the various incentives and programs available to help your customers make the switch to solar energy. One program that is particularly beneficial for farmers and rural small business owners is the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). 

REAP grants can significantly reduce the upfront cost of […]

Permitting Requirements To Keep In Mind on Landfill or Brownfield Solar Projects

When developing solar projects on landfills or brownfields, it could be easy to assume that the usual environmental considerations don’t apply. After all, these sites are already disturbed, so what’s the harm in adding solar systems? 

However, as instructor Lucia Woo from LaBella Associates explains in the free Solar Development on Brownfields and Landfills course, the […]

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What are Landfills and Why Are They Great Candidates for Solar Development? 

Solar on landfills is seeing a major boost in many places across the country. States like Maryland, New Jersey, and New York, are encouraging or incentivizing the repurposing of closed landfills, also known as brownfields, to generate clean, renewable energy while minimizing the environmental impact of these often otherwise unusable sites. 

In this clip from the […]

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FERC Orders 1920 and 1977 – What’s the Bottom Line?

The recent buzz in the electric transmission industry, which is a key part of utility-scale renewables growth, is the May 13th issuing of FERC Order 1920 and FERC Order 1977 .   

FERC Order 1920

FERC Order 1920, “Building for the Future Through Electric Regional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation” has been the long-awaited rule to assist the […]