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The growth of the solar industry happened in large part because of innovation on the finance side of the industry. We write regularly on solar finance, providing free courses and resources to help you truly understand the mechanics of solar finance.

Free Solar Finance courses

Solar Profitability Calculator Now Included with HeatSpring Membership

Starting today, for a limited time, Keith Cronin’s “Solar Profitability Calculator” is free for HeatSpring Members. 

Predicting profitability is the difference between a growing company or a shrinking one. The solar industry is struggling with low margin projects. Every dollar counts in a highly competitive business.

“The Marginator” is an excel tool developed by Keith Cronin to […]

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Understanding Active and Passive Income Offset While Investing in Solar Projects

When investing in solar projects, one of the biggest concepts to understand is whether you are looking to offset passive or active income. Join Chris Lord, HeatSpring instructor and Managing Director at CapIron, Inc., and Nick Giannotti, Managing Member at Redball Ventures, as they discuss the concept in How to Invest in a Solar Project: […]

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Tax Benefits and Investing in Solar Projects

With so many commercial and industrial solar projects slated to come online in the next ten years, investing in solar projects is becoming a more popular and lucrative business venture. In this blog post, we are joined by Nick Giannotti, Managing Member at Redball Ventures. Nick was a panelist for HeatSpring’s webinar How to Invest […]

How Tax Credit Financing is Done

Jeffrey Lesk shares the basics of how tax credit financing is done to set the stage for the coming changes with the Inflation Reduction Act. Jeffrey joined HeatSpring’s Getting Solar for Nonprofits, Governments, and Other Non-Taxpayers to share the knowledge he’s gained in his 40 year legal career with the HeatSpring community. Recently retired,  Jeffrey […]

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Direct Pay and the Right to Transfer Tax Credits in the Inflation Reduction Act

HeatSpring hosts a free course titled Getting Solar for Nonprofits, Government, and Non-Taxpayers. In the recorded live session, HeatSpring instructor Chris Lord asks Jeffrey Lesk of New Partners Community Solar to explain the new direct pay option and the right to transfer tax credits within the Inflation Reduction Act. Tune into the video to learn […]