The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has opened up tremendous new incentives for solar projects – including a potentially lucrative 10% tax credit adder for using domestically-made components and products, known as the Domestic Content Bonus Adder. Although, actually qualifying for the Domestic Content Adder is far from straightforward.  

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new, free course – Inflation Reduction Act Solar Provisions: Domestic Content Adder taught by Lee Barken, Nicole Withrow, and Danielle Mahoney Guthrie from CollectiveSun. In this quick, but detailed training, the seasoned team at CollectiveSun will demystify the complex IRS guidance around defining domestic content eligibility.

What You’ll Learn

Over the course of an hour, the instructors will dive deep into unpacking topics like:

  • The definitions of “manufactured products” and “components” per the IRS rules
  • How to calculate the critical “domestic cost percentage” for your project  
  • When materials qualify as U.S.-origin versus being imported sub-components
  • The certification requirements for claiming the adder on your taxes
  • And more!

The instructors utilize creative examples, like having a solar party, to illustrate the nuances and make this somewhat challenging tax guidance more digestible. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the rationale behind the domestic content rules.

A Candid Look at the Challenges

The CollectiveSun team doesn’t shy away from examining the current ambiguities and difficulties around these provisions. They acknowledge that in the short-term, there will be difficulty in meeting all the standards. The current conversation is really about how much partial credit can a project get.

Enroll for Free Today!

Ready to demystify one of the IRA’s more complicated but valuable provisions? Enroll for free in the Inflation Reduction Act Solar Provisions: Domestic Content Adder course. It’s a must for solar developers and sales professionals.