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POLICY ACTION ALERT MASSACHUSETTS: Help Needed with The Most Important Renewable Thermal Legislation in the Country

I’ve been working on an important renewable thermal (oil elimination!) policy issue in Massachusetts. We’re making a lot of progress but need help from industry. Read below for more detailed information.
We have a hearing on July 16th and NEED to get support for the bill. Here’s how you can help:
1 – Do you work in […]

4 Trends Driving the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry in 2013

For a long time, the geothermal industry has assumed that if everyone just magically knew “how efficient” the technology is, that they would just adopt it. That is never going to happen. There’s many othervariables that matter much more than the system efficiency.
What will not drive the Geothermal Industry

Continuing to recite over and over again […]

ASHP vs GSHP and The Importance of SEER and EER in Utility Air Conditioning Demand Side Management Programs

The following post is by Mark Faulkenberry, Manager Marketing & Communications and Kalun Kelley, Commercial and Industrial Marketing Manager, both with Western Farmers Electric Cooperative. 

The post was originally published on Geoexchange, but because it’s so awesome, and uses specific data, I wanted to republished it on HeatSpring Magazine. This post goes into very useful data […]

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How New England Can Eliminate Oil Use For Single Family Homes for Less Than We’re Spending on Solar PV

I first published this post in Renewable Energy World and it received a lot of comments, mostly getting into all the silly technical details of geothermal and not addressing how to implement policy to eliminate oil use. My hope is that any conversation on HeatSpring Magazine that comes from this can be about implementing policy. […]

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Massachusetts = Large MW+ Solar Projects and Low SREC Prices In the Near Future

I enjoy getting policy and finance updates at conferences from people who spend all day thinking about policy and finance. The 2012 Renewable Energy Vermont conference was no different.
I also learned some great lessons about a community solar development in Vermont. 
Jason Gifford from Sustainable Energy Advantage gave a great presentation that focused on the […]