Policy and energy issues are closely linked. We realize that you are spending your time running your business day to day. Our goal with these articles is to keep you most up to date about policies that will impact your business.

Free course: Commercial Solar Design & 2014 NEC Code Changes
Free course: Solar Design, Code, Economics, Sales and Site Visits

An Incubator for Home Performance Contractors

“Boosting Contractor Capacity to Meet Home Performance Demand” is a live webinar that will happen on Wednesday August 14th @ 1pm eastern (USA). The edited presentation will then be available here as a free course.

We are going to present a new model for building contractor capacity: a Home Performance Incubation Program. No matter your role or background […]

REAP Grants Can Cover 50% of Eligible Solar Project Costs – So Who’s Eligible?

For solar sales professionals, it’s essential to stay informed about the various incentives and programs available to help your customers make the switch to solar energy. One program that is particularly beneficial for farmers and rural small business owners is the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). 

REAP grants can significantly reduce the upfront cost of […]

Interconnection of Renewables to Electric Transmission: Insights from Industry Expert Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor is a HeatSpring instructor who focuses on utility transmission and distribution systems, and the interconnection of renewables to those systems.

We recently asked Tim a few questions about two new courses that he has been developing.

Tim’s new course, “Introduction to Transmission” is live on HeatSpring.  “Interconnection of Solar PV to Transmission” is scheduled to […]

A Brief History of Transmission Legislation in the United States

The electricity industry in the United States has undergone significant changes over the past few decades, largely driven by a series of legislative and regulatory initiatives aimed at promoting competition, efficiency, and the integration of renewable energy resources. 

In this excerpt from the new Introduction to Transmission course, HeatSpring instructor Tim Taylor delves into the […]

The Four Categories to Qualify for the Low Income Community Bonus Adder

The Low Income Community Bonus Adder provision in the Inflation Reduction Act is different from all the other bonus adders and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) itself, because it is an allocated credit. That means there is a limited number available. 

There is a cap of 1.8 gigawatts annually that will be allocated, or awarded, to […]