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Free course: Commercial Solar Design & 2014 NEC Code Changes
Free course: Solar Design, Code, Economics, Sales and Site Visits

New Free Course: California C&I Energy Storage Market – State of the Union

Join industry experts from Energy Toolbase as they share months of internal and external research in this free course on the dynamics influencing the California C&I solar and storage market in 2022 and beyond.

Some of the topics covered include:

Energy Toolbase (ETB) Developer data. Review anonymized ESS proposal data from the ETB platform. Discuss what […]

Ask an Expert: What are Some Challenges of Adding More Distributed Energy to the Grid?

In the Ask an Expert series, HeatSpring instructors and industry thought leaders answer a question on the minds of the HeatSpring community. This session, we are joined by Chris Brown and Chris LaForge, instructors of the Utility Scale Commercial & Industrial Solar and Storage Series. They answer the question – what are some of the […]

Team Highlight: How Solar United Neighbors Works to Build a New Energy System and Bring the Benefits of Solar to All Communities

Solar United Neighbors (SUN) has been representing the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters across the country since 2007. SUN envisions a clean, equitable energy system that directs control and benefits back to local communities, with solar on every roof and money in every pocket. SUN is a community of people building a […]

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Recycling PV Equipment – Why We All Should Be Talking About the End-Of-Life of Solar PV Systems: A Conversation with Kate Collardson of SolarRecycle.org

HeatSpring’s Brit Heller sits down with Kate Collardson, one of the founders of SolarRecycle.org, about the need for the solar industry to begin addressing solar power plant’s decommissioning and recycling for projects as they are being built today in order to have a truly sustainable future tomorrow. Kate’s day job is Senior Manager of Residential […]

Agrivoltaics in Action – Jack’s Solar Garden

Connecting the dots between clean energy, local food, and community building may seem like a utopian dream, but for Byron Kominek, founder of Jack’s Solar Garden, it is an intentional undertaking that has been generations in the making. By co-locating beneficial agriculture and a solar power plant, Jack’s Solar Garden is the country’s largest commercially […]