This is the second white paper in our “Researcher-in-Residence” series. A PDF version of this white paper, along with supplementary videos, is available in the free course, “What Data Tells Us About Teaching & Learning Clean Energy Skills“.

Courses on Heatspring are created by subject matter experts (SMEs) who have a deep domain expertise in areas like solar, heat pumps, energy storage and building performance. In the first paper in this series, we explored how students learn and engage with courses on Heatspring. In this paper we examine course structure, and use data from 208 active courses and 2971 videos to better understand common course patterns in the number of videos, video duration and use of quizzes. In particular we see how the duration of videos plays a large role in student engagement. Next, we focus on best practices from a veteran Heatspring instructor when building a course. Finally, we look at how new generative AI tools can help supercharge SMEs in the course creation process.

To download the white paper along with helpful video explanations, enroll in the free course: “What Data Tells Us About Teaching and Learning Clean Energy Skills