Solar Safety

Quality and safety are a part of everyone’s job. We offer OSHA training and many of our courses have safety built into the curriculum.

Solar Job Highlight: Executive Leadership in Construction

As a part of HeatSpring’s free Solar Career Pathways course, professionals from across the solar industry provide students with an inside look at their careers through short interviews. Professionals share the details on what their jobs entail, their day-to-day activities, how they got there, and advice for those looking to follow a similar path. 

Anna Bautista, […]

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Addressing Common Hazards on Solar Installation Projects

Safety should always be the top priority on solar installations. Running a safe jobsite means properly managing the risk that your team faces each day. In solar installation work, your installation team regularly faces what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) calls “the top 4 construction hazards.” These hazards include falls, electrocution, caught-in, and […]

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The Importance of Commissioning and Testing on Utility Scale Projects

Utility scale solar projects are years in the making from inception to completion. The process typically includes land development, interconnection studies, environmental evaluations, securing financing, materials procurement, and construction. The final step before a system is fully operational is commissioning and testing. 

Photo courtesy of Andy Nyce – Utility Scale Solar Construction & Project Management course

This […]

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Photo Contest Giveaway: Fluke Solar Irradiance Meter

Thanks to our partners at Fluke, HeatSpring is giving away two Fluke Solar Irradiance Meters!

Fluke was founded in 1948. Ever since, they have been making quality testing and troubleshooting tools for a variety of manufacturing and service industries. Solar installers and technicians have likely used Fluke tools at some point in their career, if not […]

Overcurrent Protection and the 25-Foot Feeder Tap Rule

Sean White gave an NEC training at this year’s ASES Convention. Video from that presentation is included in our updated free course, “Introduction to Solar PV Design, Installation and Code”. But there was some content that was too advanced for an intro class, so we cut it and here’s one example of that.

Below is a […]