Solar Safety

Quality and safety are a part of everyone’s job. We offer OSHA training and many of our courses have safety built into the curriculum.

OSHA 10 and Other Safety Courses Now Available with HeatSpring

Safety training is often required – and arguably should always be required – to work on construction job sites. It’s also essential to qualify for most NABCEP professional certification exams. The HeatSpring community asks us all the time where to get federally recognized safety training. We are happy to announce HeatSpring is offering OSHA 10, […]

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UL 3741: Photovoltaic Hazard Control and the 1000V System

This is part 2 of Sean White’s explanation of UL 3741, also known as photovoltaic hazard control and otherwise known as rapid shutdown. The UL 3741 listing came out in 2020 and it takes time for manufacturers to come up with and list products and systems. 

Surprisingly, a few months ago SMA came out with a […]

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The 2023 National Electrical Code is Now Available Online for Free

Becoming familiar with the National Electrical Code (NEC) is an absolute requirement for anyone planning on advancing in residential and commercial solar installation, design, or operations. It’s created by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to safeguard persons and property from hazards associated with all types of electrical installations, not only photovoltaic ones. The NEC […]

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Changing Standards for the PV Industry: UL 61730 for PV Modules and UL 3741 for PV Hazard Control (Rapid Shutdown UL Listing)

Codes and standards are regularly updated for the constantly evolving solar and storage industries. Sean White and Bill Brooks recently updated their advanced codes courses on HeatSpring to include information on UL 61730 and UL 3741. Here’s some information on the new standards. 

UL 61730 – PV Module Safety Standards

UL 61730 is the new PV module […]

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The Importance of Surge Protection on PV + Energy Storage Systems

Chris LaForge has been in the solar and storage industry for over 30 years. You can imagine he’s seen it all when it comes to operations and maintenance on solar and energy storage systems. We wanted to know what is one of the most common issues when troubleshooting. In the video below, Chris explains […]

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