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Understanding the 2023 NEC Requirements for Disconnecting Means on Energy Storage 

Understanding where to place disconnects on solar and storage projects can feel complicated if you’re unfamiliar with the National Electrical Code (NEC). In fact, some inspectors (like Pete Jackson, Chief Electrical Inspector for the City of Bakersfield, mentioned in IREC’s Conversations from the Field) are seeing an abundance of disconnects (we’re talking 10+), not because […]

May 28th, 2024|Categories: Safety, Solar, Solar Design & Installation, Solar Plus Storage||

Key Elements of a Safety Program

Creating a strong safety program is a critical, yet sometimes overlooked, aspect of running a successful solar installation company. It’s not just about meeting bare-minimum regulatory requirements or avoiding accidents; it’s about fostering a work environment where every team member feels valued, protected, and empowered to prioritize safety in their daily tasks.

In this video session, […]

May 24th, 2024|Categories: Safety, Solar, Solar miscellaneous||

FERC Orders 1920 and 1977 – What’s the Bottom Line?

The recent buzz in the electric transmission industry, which is a key part of utility-scale renewables growth, is the May 13th issuing of FERC Order 1920 and FERC Order 1977 .   

FERC Order 1920

FERC Order 1920, “Building for the Future Through Electric Regional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation” has been the long-awaited rule to assist the […]

Solar Job Highlight: Chief Operating Officer at Sẽsẽnergi

As a part of HeatSpring’s free Solar Career Pathways course, professionals from across the solar industry share an inside look at their careers through short interviews. Professionals talk about the details of what their jobs entail, their day-to-day activities, how they got there, and advice for those looking to follow a similar path. 

Recently, we sat […]

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Performance-Based Solar and Storage Incentives

When your customers are considering solar and storage solutions for their home or business, it’s essential to understand the various incentives available to help offset the initial investment and provide ongoing benefits. 

In this blog post, we hear from Spencer Fields, Director of Insights at EnergySage, as he discusses the two main types of solar and […]

May 20th, 2024|Categories: Solar, Solar miscellaneous, Solar Sales & Marketing||