The solar industry continues to grow at a meteoric rate, with 34% U.S. market growth of 2014. We write regularly on both technical and finance concepts critical to success in solar.

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Free Course: Chris Lord’s Commercial Solar Leverage Model
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Advanced Training. If you need to get in depth training on how to market, sell, design or install a solar PV project, look at our solar trainings like Megawatt Design, Solar Executive MBA, NABCEP Training, and the Solar Startup Accelerator.

New Course Format – Solar Business Masterclass

We are excited to introduce a new course format, developed by veteran HeatSpring instructor Keith Cronin. We are now accepting enrollments in Keith’s Solar Business Masterclass. In 2011 Keith helped us develop what would become our most popular course, the Solar Executive MBA Training. He has interacted with and taught thousands of solar professionals from […]

What You Need to Know to Create a Successful Solar-Plus-Storage Project

With a booming market, evolving technology and ever- changing incentive programs, energy storage is the Wild West of the solar business right now, says Wes Kennedy, an application engineering manager and instructor for HeatSpring’s “Comprehensive Solar Plus Storage” course.

“People need to learn about what makes a successful storage project regardless of policy issues,” he says.

To […]

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Lesser Known Ways Solar Helps the World

Solar power is the perfect fit for developing nations across the globe. Solar offers free, sustainable energy that won’t harm local communities in the way fossil fuels often do. What’s more, cheap and reliable energy is often a boon for local economies – letting people work smarter and more efficiently. But these rural, off-grid communities […]

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The Trump Administration is Expected to Keep the Solar ITC on Track; Here’s How to Best Take Advantage of it

With the Trump administration pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement and scuttling the Clean Power Plan, many in the solar industry wonder whether the schedule of the Investment Tax Credit phase-out for solar projects will be changed.

A number of renewable energy experts say the answer is no; the administration is not expected to alter […]

American Solar Energy Society ASES SOLAR 2017

SOLAR 2017 will be attended by solar professionals and researchers, architects and engineers, educators and students, business leaders and entrepreneurs, economists and financial professionals, community builders, and renewable energy advocates from a wide variety of constituencies. The theme of SOLAR 2017, “Building a 100% Renewable Energy Community,” focuses on pathways to the renewable energy transformation […]

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