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The Factors that Establish You – the Sales Person – as a Trusted Authority

You’re sitting down with a homeowner who is considering going solar. They have questions, concerns, and are looking for guidance. In this scenario, how can you establish yourself as the go-to expert and someone they can trust wholeheartedly?

It all boils down to two crucial elements: trustworthiness and expertise. These factors are the building blocks of […]

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New Free Webinar Announcement: Home Assessments for Decarbonization

Electrification of existing homes is a hot trend, and rightfully so with all the latest incentives for residences and businesses to transition to electric. Anyone working in the retrofit field is likely – sooner or later – to be asked to help a homeowner with this process. While it can be straightforward, more often it […]

Power Flow Studies on Utility Distribution

If you work with utility-scale or community solar PV, you may have heard the utility refer to the term “power flow study”, also called “load flow study”, and wonder what that is.

Utility distribution feeders are designed and operated at medium voltage, also called primary voltage, which is typically between 4 kV and 35 kV in […]

Celebrating Top Solar Companies: A Conversation with Arevon 

The United States had 73.5 GW of utility scale solar capacity as of January 2023, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). If everything continues as planned, it will be the first year that more than half of the U.S. generating capacity additions are solar. With so much growth in utility scale solar, we love […]

What is All This Water Doing in the Inverter? – What Can Happen When Rooftop Conduit Fittings Are Improperly Installed

While it may seem like a minor detail to new solar installers, using the wrong conduit fittings, or installing the right ones incorrectly, can have disastrous consequences. Conduit fittings are used to connect sections of electrical conduit, which protect and direct electrical wiring on installations. When installers use improper fittings or don’t install them properly, […]

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