There are two major steps involved in the interconnection process: applying for interconnection and receiving permission to operate (PTO).

Interconnection of Renewables to Electric Transmission: Insights from Industry Expert Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor is a HeatSpring instructor who focuses on utility transmission and distribution systems, and the interconnection of renewables to those systems.

We recently asked Tim a few questions about two new courses that he has been developing.

Tim’s new course, “Introduction to Transmission” is live on HeatSpring.  “Interconnection of Solar PV to Transmission” is scheduled to […]

A Brief History of Transmission Legislation in the United States

The electricity industry in the United States has undergone significant changes over the past few decades, largely driven by a series of legislative and regulatory initiatives aimed at promoting competition, efficiency, and the integration of renewable energy resources. 

In this excerpt from the new Introduction to Transmission course, HeatSpring instructor Tim Taylor delves into the […]

Understanding Utility Scale Solar Construction Drawings – Free for HeatSpring Members

We need more talented leaders for utility-scale solar construction projects – so starting today, for a limited time, “Understanding Utility-Scale Solar Construction Drawings” is free for HeatSpring Members.

The course was developed by Andy Nyce. Andy began teaching because he needed to create a pipeline of leaders for his own solar projects. He loves helping hard-working […]

What is the Interconnection Process?

Interconnection is a critical and necessary step in the customer journey when seeking to install a grid-tied solar PV system. This is the process by which the customer is able to get permission from the utility to operate their system in parallel with the electrical grid, enabling homeowners to both consume solar-generated electricity and export […]

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New Course Announcement: Customer Contracts & Agreements

Residential solar systems come with contracts that span 20-25 years. Solar company staff need to become experts in each of the agreements and contracts that are utilized in the development and execution of residential solar construction projects, so that they can communicate these details clearly to their customers. Understanding key components and the role that […]