There are two major steps involved in the interconnection process: applying for interconnection and receiving permission to operate (PTO).

Transmission and Distribution Interconnection Standards – Does Your Organization Know About Them?

Utility interconnection standards will be critical for increasing the connection of DER (Distributed Energy Resources), including solar PV, to distribution and transmission systems.  In the US, IEEE 1547-2018 is a predominant standard, accompanied by UL 1741 for testing, that governs interconnection of DER to distribution.  Since distribution organizations are regulated by state-level public service commissions, […]

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Free NABCEP CEU – Live Webinar on Utility-Scale PV and Distribution Voltage Challenges

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If you or your company have worked on developing utility-scale projects, you know that connecting large PV power plants to the grid can present challenges, especially if there is a knowledge gap between the solar developers and distribution utilities. Level up your […]

Ask an Expert: What are Some Challenges of Adding More Distributed Energy to the Grid?

In the Ask an Expert series, HeatSpring instructors and industry thought leaders answer a question on the minds of the HeatSpring community. This session, we are joined by Chris Brown and Chris LaForge, instructors of the Utility Scale Commercial & Industrial Solar and Storage Series. They answer the question – what are some of the […]

The Basics of Utility Transmission for Utility-Scale Solar

Access to high voltage transmission lines is integral for utility-scale solar projects. Transmission is part of the high voltage system that connects generation (like utility-scale solar power plants or coal-fired power plants) with load centers, subtransmission, and distribution. Essentially, high voltage transmission lines take the electricity from where it’s produced to where it needs to […]

New Course: Connecting Utility-Scale Solar PV to Distribution Systems

The United States is forecasted to add an additional 21.8 GW of utility-scale solar in 2022 and 24.1 GW in 2023, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In fact, they expect solar additions to account for nearly half of new generating capacity in 2022. That translates to a whole lot more large photovoltaic power […]