There are two major steps involved in the interconnection process: applying for interconnection and receiving permission to operate (PTO).

Reactive Power and Transmission & Distribution Operations

This is the second of five articles in the series “Reactive Power in Utility-Scale Solar PV Applications.”

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the differences and relationship between real, reactive, and apparent power.  We also looked at the production and absorption of reactive power by equipment such as transformers, reactors, and capacitors.

Before we […]

What Are Reactive Power and VArs?

This is the first of five articles in the series “Reactive Power in Utility-Scale Solar PV Applications.”

Right after I started my first job out of college, I found myself presenting at a meeting and talking about reactive power and VArs.  These were very senior-level engineers, and, although I didn’t recognize it at the time, never […]

The Most Important Factors When Specifying a Transformer

Going from designing residential solar systems to commercial and industrial (C&I) solar systems requires new knowledge in many areas. One area in particular is equipment selection.  When megawatt-scale solar systems are designed and put into operation, medium voltage electrical equipment must be properly selected for safe and optimal operation. In this excerpt from Megawatt Design, […]

Utility-Scale Solar PV Flourishes Despite Mixed Business Conditions

In September 2023, SEIA and Wood Mackenzie released its “Solar Market Insight Report Q3 2023” report. The report projects more than 20 GW of additions in utility-scale solar in 2023, up from 11.8 GW in 2022.

Last month, EIA reported that nearly 17 GW of utility-scale solar was added in the first half of 2023.

These reports […]

New Course Announcement: Creating Solar Courses to Meet the Needs of Electric Membership Co-ops in Georgia and Beyond

Georgia has been hit hard by unscrupulous solar businesses, particularly in the residential space. Misinformation about solar has been spread to homeowners far and wide. There are even quite a few solar systems out there that don’t work properly due to poor installation practices. In the state ranked 7th in the nation for total solar […]

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