We are pleased that Electric Distribution Academy courses are now offered exclusively on HeatSpring. Utility transmission and distribution systems are a key component in the changes that are taking place in the electricity supply chain. More renewable generation and storage is being built and connected to utility systems, and transportation electrification is seeing increased support from government policies, vehicle manufacturers, and individual consumers and vehicle fleet buyers. Education and training resources for electric distribution will become increasingly important not only for utility employees, but for anyone working for organizations that connect facilities to distribution.

Tim Taylor of Electric Distribution Academy has been an instructor on the HeatSpring platform, so he is not new to online training. He recently increased Electric Distribution Academy’s online presence through the web site www.electricdistribution.net, with the goal of making educational resources available to anyone working with electric utility systems.

“Going back to my graduate school days, I’ve been working in Electric Distribution systems for almost 35 years now,” Tim says. “I know I have a biased perspective, but the importance of distribution systems is only increasing as we see more solar and storage connected, an upward trend in electric vehicle charging, and our increased economic sensitivity to electric supply interruptions due to both day-to-day events but also major events caused by weather and other factors.”

Tim hopes that www.electricdistribution.net and the courses he offers through HeatSpring will help the increasing number of people that need an introductory or in-depth understanding of electric distribution systems. “And working with HeatSpring is a natural fit,” Tim says. “They have invested so much in the online learning platform, and have a great roster of instructors in renewables, sustainability and technology. Electric distribution systems is a complementary fit to those areas.”

Tim’s courses can be found on HeatSpring here, and you can contact Tim at ttaylor@electricdistribution.net.