FERC Orders 1920 and 1977 – What’s the Bottom Line?

The recent buzz in the electric transmission industry, which is a key part of utility-scale renewables growth, is the May 13th issuing of FERC Order 1920 and FERC Order 1977 .   

FERC Order 1920

FERC Order 1920, “Building for the Future Through Electric Regional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation” has been the long-awaited rule to assist the […]

A Brief History of Transmission Legislation in the United States

The electricity industry in the United States has undergone significant changes over the past few decades, largely driven by a series of legislative and regulatory initiatives aimed at promoting competition, efficiency, and the integration of renewable energy resources. 

In this excerpt from the new Introduction to Transmission course, HeatSpring instructor Tim Taylor delves into the […]

Mastering Construction Drawings in Utility-Scale Solar Projects

The large scale solar industry is growing at an incredibly rapid rate, and it’s one of the most dynamic and exciting sectors to be a part of right now.

However – even with all the growth, the fundamental skills are still extremely important. The ability to rapidly comprehend construction drawings stands as a critical skill for […]

Voltage Control Using Inverter Reactive Power Control

This is the fifth of five articles in the series “Reactive Power in Utility-Scale Solar PV Applications.”

In the previous four posts in this series, we discussed what reactive power is and where it comes from, its impact on T&D systems, and inverter-based resources’ capabilities for reactive power injection and absorption.

As mentioned in Blog #2 of […]

Active Power Priority vs. Reactive Power Priority

This is the fourth of five articles in the series “Reactive Power in Utility-Scale Solar PV Applications.” Here’s the last article – “Inverter-Based Resources Reactive Power Capabilities” – in case you need to catch up.

In the earlier articles in this series, we’ve looked at the purpose of reactive power, power ratings of utility-scale solar inverters, and how […]