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About Electric Utility Distribution Equipment

This course will help you understand what different distribution equipment does, how to recognize it, and how utility distribution systems work.

This course is approved for IEEE 0.5 CEUs/ 5 PDH.

For anyone working with utility distribution systems or Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including Solar PV, that interconnect to them, a working knowledge of distribution equipment is essential to complete job tasks, converse with others, and advance one’s career.

If you are new to a job with a distribution utility, municipal, or co-operative, or work with a Solar PV organization such as a developer, design/engineering, or community solar provider that works with Solar PV farms connected to utility distribution, this course provides a solid background in utility distribution equipment.

This course is heavy on visuals and makes the material easy to understand, through:
* Photos
* Diagrams
* Videos

28 different types of the most common distribution equipment are discussed, including:
* Transformers
* Conductors
* Reclosers
* Voltage regulators
* Fuses
*And more.

To give context to the distribution discussions, an overview of the following is provided:
* Generation
* Transmission
* Substations

The course goes through the process of laying out a distribution feeder, from the substation down to residential meters on some streets in a small town.

The course provides an introduction to basic distribution concepts, such as:
* Three-phase and single-phase lines
* Voltage regulation
* Short-circuits and protection
* Feeder switching

You will also learn common distribution terms/nomenclature, and the typical values of voltage, current, and power throughout a distribution system.

This is an introductory level course – students are not required to have any prior utility power system knowledge, and no math is required.

The course requires approximately four hours to complete, and assignments include videos, lectures and quizzes to reinforce comprehension.

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About Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor is Owner and Managing Director of Electric Distribution Academy and has over 30 years of experience in distribution system engineering. He’s led and participated in many projects with many North American utilities and has also worked in Europe and Latin American.
In addition to papers, articles, and conference presentations, he has served as an instructor for electric distribution courses throughout his career. Tim is a Senior Member of IEEE, and a past member of the Distributech Advisory Committee. He lives in Cary, NC and enjoys salt water fishing and vintage baseball card collecting.