Batteries + Energy Storage

Since the dawn of the electric age, utilities have controlled the generation and delivery of electricity to end users, maintaining a constant balance between supply and demand for a commodity that’s both created and consumed in the same instant.

The rise of distributed energy resources, whether from rooftop solar PV, industrial and commercial cogeneration plants, or self-contained microgrid systems, is bringing more and more customer-generated electricity onto that grid.

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Free Lecture: Battery Capacity – The Basis of Storage

The Ultimate Guide to NABCEP’s New Energy Storage Installation Professional (ESIP) Certification

The NABCEP Energy Storage Installation Professional (ESIP) Board Certification was created for experienced energy storage professionals who have demonstrated knowledge in energy storage system development, design, installation, commissioning and decommissioning, and operation & maintenance (O&M). Successful ESIP candidates work in a variety of roles in PV and energy storage.

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“Microgrid Design & Implementation” course now included with HeatSpring Membership

Starting today, for a limited time, Dr. Andrew Skumanich’s “Microgrid Design & Implementation” course is free for HeatSpring Members. 

Microgrids are the future of energy production and distribution, but very few people understand how to create a successful microgrid. In this course, microgrid expert Dr. Andrew Skumanich provides a practical foundation for understanding microgrids and how to […]

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2024 Solar & Storage Conferences – Will You Be There?

After a few years with no in-person gatherings during the pandemic, solar and storage conferences have been slowly coming back in 2023 and certainly now in full force in 2024. Conferences are great because not only do they support professional development by providing top notch educational sessions including the latest industry insights, technological advancements, and […]

New Course Announcement: 30-Hour 2023 NEC PV, Energy Storage, Building and Fire Codes

Sean White and Bill Brooks are back with the new 30-Hour 2023 NEC PV, Energy Storage, Building and Fire Codes training. This course is full of all the latest insights, interpretations and comparisons of the 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC). No one makes learning technical code as much fun as Sean and Bill.

As students go […]

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Help Your Team Get a Foundation in Solar with this Free Bundle of Courses to Onboard New Installers

Residential solar saw its biggest year in 2022 with 40% growth in installations and the residential market adding 9,500 jobs, according to the Solar Jobs Census 2022. The long-term demand for skilled residential solar installers is expected to grow as the world transitions away from fossil fuel generation to clean energy. As your company builds […]