Batteries + Energy Storage

Since the dawn of the electric age, utilities have controlled the generation and delivery of electricity to end users, maintaining a constant balance between supply and demand for a commodity that’s both created and consumed in the same instant.

The rise of distributed energy resources, whether from rooftop solar PV, industrial and commercial cogeneration plants, or self-contained microgrid systems, is bringing more and more customer-generated electricity onto that grid.

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Not All Lithium Ion is the Same in Energy Storage Systems

Not all lithium ion is the same in the batteries that make up energy storage systems, says Wes Kennedy, instructor of HeatSpring’s Comprehensive Solar Plus Storage course.

“Chemistry matters,” he says. “Lithium ion is a huge catch-all term for about 10 to 15 subchemistries. And they all have different characteristics.”

When evaluating lithium ion batteries, it’s important […]

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Solar Plus Storage is Creating Islands of Resiliency in Communities and Businesses

A large portion of Puerto Rico was blacked out after earthquakes in early January, but solar plus storage systems helped keep power flowing in many schools that served as community shelters.

Wes Kennedy, instructor of HeatSpring’s Comprehensive Solar Plus Storage course, helped create those islands of resiliency, working with Blue Planet Energy, which provides energy storage […]

Coming Soon: Ordering Modular Energy Storage to Meet Electricity Demand When Guests Visit

In the near future, energy storage will be modular, and you’ll be able to order or rent energy storage modules when your electricity needs increase, if you have guests, for example.

You’ll likely pair the battery storage with solar PV or other forms of renewable energy, allowing you to store solar produced during the day for […]

Adopting the “Minnesota Nice” Model to Collaborate with Utilities for a Win-Win Over Solar-Plus-Storage

Utilities often try to stop or slow solar-plus-storage projects at the Public Utility Commissions, says Christopher LaForge, instructor of HeatSpring’s Comprehensive Solar Plus Storage course. 

In one such effort,  We Energies, Wisconsin’s largest utility, increased its fee for connecting to the grid by almost a factor of 3, he says. 

In addition, under new tariffs, customers with […]

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HeatSpring is the Official Training Platform Provider for DOE Solar District Cup 2020

HeatSpring for Groups is proud to announce we are working with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office to provide our industry leading professional training content and educational platform to the participants of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition.

Participants include students and faculty advisers from 61 teams, […]