Batteries + Energy Storage

Since the dawn of the electric age, utilities have controlled the generation and delivery of electricity to end users, maintaining a constant balance between supply and demand for a commodity that’s both created and consumed in the same instant.

The rise of distributed energy resources, whether from rooftop solar PV, industrial and commercial cogeneration plants, or self-contained microgrid systems, is bringing more and more customer-generated electricity onto that grid.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Developing Solar Projects

It’s easy to make mistakes when developing solar projects—and just one goof can lead to other goofs, extra costs, and wasted time.

That’s the word from Keith Cronin and Chris Lord, instructors for HeatSpring’s Solar Executive MBA Training course, which is designed to help you plan well, avoid mistakes and create the most cost-effective projects possible.

Goofing […]

Four Trends Shaping the Solar-Plus-Storage Market

Until recently, consumers and businesses embraced solar-plus-storage because they either wanted a backup in the case of utility outages or desired to be off-grid, says Wes Kennedy, instructor of HeatSpring’s Comprehensive Solar-Plus-Storage course.

But in recent years, all that has changed. Price drops in battery systems, technological advances, new utility rates, and policy advances are all […]

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How to Design Solar-Plus-Storage Systems that are Cost-Effective and Safe

When it comes to designing solar-plus-storage systems, small mistakes can be very costly, says Christopher LaForge, CEO of Great Northern Solar and an NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professional Emeritus.

He should know.  The instructor of HeatSpring’s  “Designing PV Systems with Energy Storage” course,  LaForge has been called in more than once to repair the damage wrought by […]

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“Bring me tariffs!” U.S. Solar Industry Braces After ITC Ruling

Friday the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) issued its decision finding “a substantial cause of serious injury to the domestic industry” due to dumping of low cost Chinese solar panels in the U.S. market. By the “domestic industry” the ITC means U.S. solar manufacturers, frustratingly they continue to ignore the implications of this decision on […]

How to Design Smart Solar Systems in a Fast-Moving Industry

Because technology, regulations and software are evolving rapidly in the solar industry, it’s important for contractors, designers and engineers to stay informed about the latest ways to design solar systems.

While it may seem daunting to track industry changes, you benefit by learning how to design more quickly, efficiently and at lower costs. This will help […]

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