Batteries + Energy Storage

Since the dawn of the electric age, utilities have controlled the generation and delivery of electricity to end users, maintaining a constant balance between supply and demand for a commodity that’s both created and consumed in the same instant.

The rise of distributed energy resources, whether from rooftop solar PV, industrial and commercial cogeneration plants, or self-contained microgrid systems, is bringing more and more customer-generated electricity onto that grid.

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Chris LaForge Updates and Improves “Designing Small Scale PV Systems with Energy Storage”

Energy storage is the fastest moving area within the solar energy industry. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that 10 GW of battery storage capacity will be added to the grid over the next two years. As more storage is being deployed alongside solar at every scale, it’s important to HeatSpring and our expert instructors […]

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Tiny Home Courses Land on HeatSpring

Much has changed over the past few years. The realm of what’s possible at our jobs and how we live has broadened. While tiny home living has been growing for years, the pandemic has accelerated the movement. Between the (lack of) affordability of housing and a realization that more stuff doesn’t necessarily make us feel […]

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Five Reasons to Join HeatSpring for NABCEP PV Associate Training at the 2022 NABCEP CE Conference

Are you looking to start or advance your career in solar energy this year? Are you hoping to level up your solar knowledge by gaining the NABCEP Associate credential and beyond? Do you want to build your expertise in one of the fastest growing energy sectors? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the […]

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Design Considerations when Sizing Grid-tied Solar versus Off-grid Solar

Appropriately sizing a customer’s solar system is imperative for happy clients. Correct sizing is even more critical with off-grid solar systems, as the utility grid is not available to use as a power source. Needlessly oversizing an off-grid system means clients pay more money for components that are often, if not always, unnecessary. Undersizing an […]

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Photo Contest Giveaway: Fluke Solar Irradiance Meter

Thanks to our partners at Fluke, HeatSpring is giving away two Fluke Solar Irradiance Meters!

Fluke was founded in 1948. Ever since, they have been making quality testing and troubleshooting tools for a variety of manufacturing and service industries. Solar installers and technicians have likely used Fluke tools at some point in their career, if not […]