Thanks to our partners at Fluke, HeatSpring is giving away two Fluke Solar Irradiance Meters!

Fluke was founded in 1948. Ever since, they have been making quality testing and troubleshooting tools for a variety of manufacturing and service industries. Solar installers and technicians have likely used Fluke tools at some point in their career, if not on a regular basis. 

The Fluke Solar Irradiance Meter allows users to measure the solar irradiance (watts per square meter), ambient and PV module temperature, array orientation, and tilt angles. This tool is a critical component for anyone who does solar site assessment, installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting.

Having the right tools enables solar technicians to ensure proper installation and operation of arrays. Technicians can use the Fluke Solar Irradiance Meter to determine the expected power output of a solar system by reading real time data on irradiance and temperature. The performance of any photovoltaic array is based on the IV curve (also known as the current – voltage) curve. Since temperature is inversely related to voltage and irradiance is directly related to current, measuring actual temperature and irradiance onsite will provide accurate data to determine if a photovoltaic system is producing optimally. 

Source: Sean White

HeatSpring is excited to have two Fluke Solar Irradiance Meters to give away to 2 lucky students to enhance their solar toolkits. Each meter retails at $356.

To enter, participants must share a photo where they are putting the knowledge gained on HeatSpring to use. Photos can be in the office, on a jobsite, on a project, or anywhere else they are using their technical knowledge boostered at HeatSpring. Participants can share their photos on their social media channels by tagging HeatSpring or they can email them to HeatSpring at with Fluke Photo Contest in the subject line. Photo submissions may be featured by HeatSpring. By entering the contest, participants are agreeing to the possibility of being featured on HeatSpring’s social media and blog. 

To win, participants must be a HeatSpring student – enrolled in either a free or paid course with HeatSpring. 

HeatSpring will randomly select two winners on January 13, 2022. Winners will be notified via email.