About Brit Heller

Works to increase awareness and access to training. She is excited to connect with HeatSpring students to explore the topics most important to them as well as build relationships with subject matter experts so that they share their knowledge with the world. Brit holds two NABCEP certifications - Photovoltaic Installation Professional (PVIP) and Photovoltaic Technical Sales (PVTS). When she isn’t immersed in training, Brit is a budding regenerative farmer just outside of Atlanta where she is developing a 17-acre farm rooted in permaculture principles. She can be found building soil health, cultivating edible & medicinal plants, caring for her animals or building functional art.

New Free Course Announcement: Construction Communication Methodology

Construction communication methodology is a critical, yet rarely discussed, element that shapes the overall outcomes of a construction project and the experiences of those working there. With the countless timely needs that require our focus on construction projects, it can be difficult to be intentional about the way we communicate. Nonetheless, communication strongly impacts everyone’s […]

How to Get Your NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification

The NABCEP PV Technical Sales (PVTS) Board Certification was created for experienced solar sales professionals who have demonstrated knowledge in qualifying prospects, site analysis, conceptual system design, performance analysis and financial incentives of PV systems. PVTS Board Certified Professionals can collect technical requirements, analyze customer needs to determine energy usage to advise and provide customers […]

November 21st, 2023|Categories: Certification, NABCEP, Solar, Solar Business Growth, Solar miscellaneous, Solar Sales & Marketing||

The Most Important Factors When Specifying a Transformer

Going from designing residential solar systems to commercial and industrial (C&I) solar systems requires new knowledge in many areas. One area in particular is equipment selection.  When megawatt-scale solar systems are designed and put into operation, medium voltage electrical equipment must be properly selected for safe and optimal operation. In this excerpt from Megawatt Design, […]

Quick Trick to Find the Roof Slope Using Rise Over Run

In residential solar, knowing the roof pitch is an essential part of preparing for any solar design and installation. The roof pitch can affect a system’s energy production. Sometimes, steep roofs include a cost adder because it is more difficult to install. A roof’s pitch or slope can be referred to both as a degree […]

November 17th, 2023|Categories: Solar, Solar Design & Installation, Solar miscellaneous||

Troubleshooting a String Inverter

Functioning inverters are absolutely key to a successfully operating residential solar system. In the event there’s an issue with the string inverter onsite, the system downtime means the homeowner can’t use any of their own solar energy during that period. Getting your customer’s string inverter operational again as quickly as possible minizines their losses and […]

November 15th, 2023|Categories: Operations & Maintenance, Safety, Solar, Solar Design & Installation, Solar miscellaneous||