About Brit Heller

Works to increase awareness and access to training. She is excited to connect with HeatSpring students to explore the topics most important to them as well as build relationships with subject matter experts so that they share their knowledge with the world. Brit holds two NABCEP certifications - Photovoltaic Installation Professional (PVIP) and Photovoltaic Technical Sales (PVTS). When she isn’t immersed in training, Brit is a budding regenerative farmer just outside of Atlanta where she is developing a 17-acre farm rooted in permaculture principles. She can be found building soil health, cultivating edible & medicinal plants, caring for her animals or building functional art.

New Course Announcement: 30-Hour 2023 NEC PV, Energy Storage, Building and Fire Codes

Sean White and Bill Brooks are back with the new 30-Hour 2023 NEC PV, Energy Storage, Building and Fire Codes training. This course is full of all the latest insights, interpretations and comparisons of the 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC). No one makes learning technical code as much fun as Sean and Bill.

As students go […]

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Walking on Solar Modules – Is It Really That Bad? Let’s Take a Look!

Don’t scrape the backsheet. 

Don’t step on the panels. 

Don’t drop the panels. 

And don’t scrape up the frames. 

Aside from safety and how to properly use ratchet straps, those were some of the very first things I was taught when I started working in solar installation. Of course, accidents happen. Sometimes, you may even have to step on […]

January 3rd, 2024|Categories: Free Courses, Operations & Maintenance, Solar, Solar Design & Installation, Solar miscellaneous||

What is a Single-Line Diagram?

The single line diagram, or SLD sheet, is an essential component of the electrical drawing set for a utility scale solar power plant. It’s a simplified schematic diagram that illustrates the overall electrical system from the panels all the way out to the point of interconnection. 

Tune into this excerpt from Understanding Utility Scale Solar Construction […]

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New Course Announcement: Commercial Electric Tariffs: Impacts on Solar

Incorporating commercial solar sales into your business can be an advantageous income stream for residential solar businesses looking to diversify their revenue sources. There are many opportunities in this sector as companies, non-profits, and local municipalities look to reduce their energy costs and meet clean energy goals. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) anticipates an […]

What makes construction challenging?

Working in construction can be very challenging. Why is this? HeatSpring instructor Amy Powell asks her teammates, colleagues, and trade partners to dive deep to get to the bottom of this question. 

She found that the majority of the challenges and experiences communicated ultimately boiled down to two things – communication and people. 

Skilled labor shortages. 


Motivating others. 

Initiating […]