Much has changed over the past few years. The realm of what’s possible at our jobs and how we live has broadened. While tiny home living has been growing for years, the pandemic has accelerated the movement. Between the (lack of) affordability of housing and a realization that more stuff doesn’t necessarily make us feel more fulfilled, people are deciding to make changes. Layer in the increased ability to work from anywhere, more people than ever are choosing to live with more intention and finding deepering meaning in their lives.

Tiny home living takes on many forms. People are building treehouses, school buses, Sprinter vans, Uhaul trucks and more.  You can even watch shows on TV about them. If you can think it, you can create it. Downsizing your world – whether mobile or stationary – has a huge upside of benefits. 

What does this mean for you?


This is poised to be one of the strong market trends for 2022 and beyond.

Whether you want to pursue downsizing and living in a smaller dwelling personally or get into this growing business segment, read further. We’ll dive more about how you can benefit from this course and the lifestyles that are woven into it.

Over several weeks, I took an ambulance and replicated what would be in a home on a 14’ x 8’ footprint. It is essentially a house on 6-wheels. 

Keith outside the solar ambulance tiny home

The ability to have solar, batteries, 40 gallons of water, a shower, a toilet, a sofabed and a real refrigerator, allows for mobility and a wave of consciousness for the limited amount of space onboard the vehicle.

Tiny homes allow for people to live and work remotely. Mobile tiny homes can also provide a way to augment income by having an exotic rental parked on your property. They could even be used for hitting the road and traveling the planet where customers rent it then go explore.

When you hear that companies, like Thor Industries (which make the classic Airstream and other coaches), have reported a huge backlog and a market cap of over $5 Billion dollars, you validate this growing trend. We see cottage industries surfacing today to fill the pent-up demand. Plus, the feeling you get from achieving a completed build is an enriching experience that you could do by yourself, with family members, or with a team of like-minded people.

Could you see yourself living more remotely or a more intentional life? How about designing custom tiny homes for clients that are waiting to give you money as they can’t find people to build them their custom dream?

People are looking for you. They want help with the design, engineering, installation of these kinds of homes.

In the free Introduction to Tiny Homes course, we will talk about the tiny home movement broadly and give a tour of the solar ambulance. 

Still looking for more? HeatSpring is also offering an in-depth tiny home course with detailed instructions on design and engineering tiny home systems, strategy on how to approach the market, successfully marketing and getting the word out. We’ll show you how to make money doing it and feel incredibly fulfilled helping your clients tiny home dreams become a reality.

You’ll also learn more about the deep community around this movement and connect with them via the HeatSpring discussion board. There is help and networking opportunities to accelerate your success, so you won’t feel like you’re doing this alone.

If you have the desire and curiosity to learn, there is an opportunity for you. We’ll see you in the courses!