The tiny-house movement (also known as the small house movement) is an architectural and social movement that advocates for downsizing living spaces, simplifying, and essentially “living with less.”[1] According to the 2018 International Residential Code, Appendix Q Tiny Houses,[2] a tiny house is a “dwelling unit with a maximum of 37 square metres (400 sq ft) of floor area, excluding lofts.” While tiny housing primarily represents a return to simpler living, the movement was also regarded as a potential eco-friendly solution to the existing housing industry, as well as a feasible transitional option for individuals experiencing a lack of shelter.

– Source: Wikipedia

Building a Solar Passive Greenhouse With No Energy Inputs Other Than the Sun

Harnessing the power of the sun can look like many different things. For HeatSpring instructor Chris LaForge, solar energy means so much more than photovoltaics. In this short video, Chris shows us the beginning phases of his passive solar greenhouse build. Can you believe this structure stays totally warm in snowy Wisconsin winters and pleasant […]

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Reimagining Disaster Response with Solar Generators: A Conversation with Footprint Project

HeatSpring’s Brit Heller connected with Will Heegaard, Operations Director, and Jamie Swezey, Program Coordinator, at Footprint Project. They help build back greener after climate disasters by mobilizing cleaner energy to communities in crisis. Footprint Project develops and deploys mobile solar generators to power front-line resilience efforts across the domestic United States, providing equipment, logistics, and […]

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Tiny Home Courses Land on HeatSpring

Much has changed over the past few years. The realm of what’s possible at our jobs and how we live has broadened. While tiny home living has been growing for years, the pandemic has accelerated the movement. Between the (lack of) affordability of housing and a realization that more stuff doesn’t necessarily make us feel […]

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