Batteries + Energy Storage

Since the dawn of the electric age, utilities have controlled the generation and delivery of electricity to end users, maintaining a constant balance between supply and demand for a commodity that’s both created and consumed in the same instant.

The rise of distributed energy resources, whether from rooftop solar PV, industrial and commercial cogeneration plants, or self-contained microgrid systems, is bringing more and more customer-generated electricity onto that grid.

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Ask an Expert: What Is the Best Practice for Commissioning a Residential PV System with Battery Backup?

HeatSpring Magazine is launching a new series, Ask an Expert, where HeatSpring instructors and industry thought leaders answer a question on the minds of the HeatSpring community. 

In this inaugural Ask an Expert, we are joined by Designing Small Scale PV Systems with Energy Storage instructor,  Chris LaForge. Chris answers the question – what is the […]

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Characteristics that Define Electro Chemical Battery Performance

It’s no secret that the energy storage market is growing fast. Storage incentives in markets like Connecticut and Maine are making battery systems more advantageous. Concerns about grid reliability and resilience in markets like California and Louisiana are making batteries more sought-after. With the increased customer demand, more battery options are flooding the market than […]

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Reimagining Disaster Response with Solar Generators: A Conversation with Footprint Project

HeatSpring’s Brit Heller connected with Will Heegaard, Operations Director, and Jamie Swezey, Program Coordinator, at Footprint Project. They help build back greener after climate disasters by mobilizing cleaner energy to communities in crisis. Footprint Project develops and deploys mobile solar generators to power front-line resilience efforts across the domestic United States, providing equipment, logistics, and […]

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Energy Storage Policy – a Look at the Most Recent States with Energy Storage Goals

Energy storage is an imperative part of a renewable energy future. Storage provides significant benefits to our electric grid like increased reliability, increased resilience, cost savings, the ability to integrate diverse energy sources, and lessening our impact on the environment through reduced emissions.

Increasing energy storage capacity will be integral to achieving our climate and economic […]

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New Free Course: Solar Career Pathways

Solar power will account for nearly half of new U.S. electric generating capacity in 2022, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. With large increases in solar capacity comes huge increases in solar jobs.  

To showcase the abundance of opportunities in the solar industry, HeatSpring is launching a new free course – Solar Career Pathways. […]