About Tim Taylor

Tim is an instructor of electric power distribution courses for HeatSpring and the owner of Electric Distribution Academy. He has been working with electric distribution systems for over 30 years, is a senior member of IEEE, and a member of the DISTRIBUTECH International Advisory Committee, with a focus on the Resiliency Planning and Preparation track.

New Interconnection Standard for Energy Storage and Distribution – IEEE 1547.9

The development and publishing of interconnection standards and guides to facilitate the large numbers of grid-connected DER (Distributed Energy Resources) to utility systems in the coming years continues, with a new guide focused on energy storage.

On August 5 of 2022, IEEE published IEEE 1547.9-2022, “IEEE Guide for Using IEEE Std 1547™ for Interconnection of Energy […]

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Transmission and Distribution Interconnection Standards – Does Your Organization Know About Them?

Utility interconnection standards will be critical for increasing the connection of DER (Distributed Energy Resources), including solar PV, to distribution and transmission systems.  In the US, IEEE 1547-2018 is a predominant standard, accompanied by UL 1741 for testing, that governs interconnection of DER to distribution.  Since distribution organizations are regulated by state-level public service commissions, […]

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Why Learn About Electric Utility Distribution Equipment?

Hi, my name is Tim Taylor and I have a course called “A Virtual Tour of Electric Utility Distribution Equipment”. I’ve been getting the question: “why do you have this course?”. It’s really to answer a lot of questions that people have when they begin to interact with utilities in a professional setting for the […]

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Available charging options are a key factor that will drive future sales of electric vehicles. For folks involved in distribution system planning and engineering, there are a number of concerns related to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). These include:

Peak demand (kW or MW)LocationLoad profiles of the EVSE (load vs. time)

While there’s not a […]

Electric Distribution Academy on HeatSpring

We are pleased that Electric Distribution Academy courses are now offered exclusively on HeatSpring. Utility transmission and distribution systems are a key component in the changes that are taking place in the electricity supply chain. More renewable generation and storage is being built and connected to utility systems, and transportation electrification is seeing increased support […]