Hi, my name is Tim Taylor and I have a course called “A Virtual Tour of Electric Utility Distribution Equipment“. I’ve been getting the question: “why do you have this course?”. It’s really to answer a lot of questions that people have when they begin to interact with utilities in a professional setting for the first time.

As I’ve gone through my career, people ask, “what exactly is a feeder?” and, “how is a feeder laid out?” and “what does a substation do?”“a recloser ?”, “a voltage regulator?”. So this course is designed to take a tour of a distribution feeder and explain the function of all the equipment and enable people to learn the terminology and be able to be conversant with their colleagues as they go about their job.

In the course we cover 28 different pieces or parts of a distribution center. So this course is aimed at beginners. For folks that don’t have a whole lot of experience with distribution equipment, whether they be working for utility or working a solar developer, or as a consultant.

The course, if you do all the material takes about five hours and there’s also a free course, that’s called “Overview of Electric Distribution Systems“.

For more information, or to sign up for the course, go over to heatspring.com. Heatspring is a wonderful learning resource. They have courses on solar PV, battery, energy storage, green building. A lot of new technologies that are now emerging in the clean energy industry. HeatSpring has a community of it’s 83,000 individuals now. So go over there to sign up for the course, or you can go to my website, which is electricdistribution.net.

Thanks for listening!