Tim Taylor just released a new free class: Overview of Electric Distribution Equipment.

If you’re a system designer, project developer, installation professional, or O&M specialist, understanding how the grid works will unlock a higher level of creativity and problem solving. You’ll be able to have better conversations with regulators, inspectors, permitting agencies and customers about your projects. They’ll trust you more because you can see the whole picture.

Importance of Solar Utility Interconnection

The ability to interconnect to the grid in a cost-effective and timely manner may determine whether a solar project moves forward or not. In some areas of the United States, the interconnection process lacks consistent parameters and procedures for connecting to the grid or is unnecessarily complex. This drives up costs and causes delays, which can be significant barriers to project development. [EPA.gov]

About the New Course

Overview of Electric Distribution Equipment is a free one-hour introductory course. It provides an introduction to electric utility distribution systems, with figures and photos that explain key concepts.

By taking the course you will:

  • Obtain an overview of how distribution fits with generation and transmission
  • Understand the typical characteristics of Electric Distribution
  • Know the differences between Distribution and Transmission
  • Be able to name the portions of a typical distribution feeder and describe its layout
  • Understand the basics of distribution conductors, distribution transformers, overcurrent protective devices, and switches
  • Build awareness of the present-day challenges of electric distribution systems

Not Just for Solar Professionals

Tim’s background is in the world of electric utilities and his courses are relevant for anyone working for or with utility companies. As the country moves toward the electrification of everything, knowledge of electrical transmission and distribution is becoming important in more and more industries. We’re excited for this new learning opportunity and appreciate Tim putting it out there for free. Let us know what you think!