There are two major steps involved in the interconnection process: applying for interconnection and receiving permission to operate (PTO).

Selecting DAS Equipment on Utility Scale PV Projects

Data acquisition systems (DAS) are often employed on small utility scale solar projects to gather information about the performance and conditions of a site. Various sensors, meters, and equipment collect the data that must then be evaluated and visualized within a database. Operators then assess this data to ensure that the solar power plants are […]

The Importance of Commissioning and Testing on Utility Scale Projects

Utility scale solar projects are years in the making from inception to completion. The process typically includes land development, interconnection studies, environmental evaluations, securing financing, materials procurement, and construction. The final step before a system is fully operational is commissioning and testing. 

Photo courtesy of Andy Nyce – Utility Scale Solar Construction & Project Management course

This […]

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What’s happening with solar in CA and why it matters everywhere? An interview with the California Solar + Storage Association

HeatSpring sat down with Carter Lavin, Director of Membership at the California Solar and Storage Association, to discuss the proposed changes to net metering policy in the California and what that means for states across the country.

Brit: Thanks for joining us, Carter! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you work?

Carter: Sure, […]

Overcurrent Protection and the 25-Foot Feeder Tap Rule

Sean White gave an NEC training at this year’s ASES Convention. Video from that presentation is included in our updated free course, “Introduction to Solar PV Design, Installation and Code”. But there was some content that was too advanced for an intro class, so we cut it and here’s one example of that.

Below is a […]

How Do We Get From 4% to 45%?

Today the Biden administration released a plan to increase the amount of solar energy produced from 4% of total generation (where it is today) to 45% by 2050. That represents a lot of growth for the solar industry.

What will that growth look like? Who are the key players needed to unlock that growth? What firms […]