For the past thirteen years we’ve focused on power generation. Solar PV is distributed electricity generation. Today we’re announcing a new series of courses focused on electricity distribution. We’ve partnered with DISTRIBUTECH International to bring the most popular content from their annual online. This is professional development for people who work for and with utility companies.

Photo Credit: Tim Taylor’s free course “A Virtual Tour of Electrical Distribution Equipment

Electrical Distribution Courses

A Virtual Tour of Electrical Distribution Equipment” is a great place to start. Instructor Tim Taylor provides an overview of the most common equipment. He uses a lot of pictures so you can learn to recognize each piece, and relates it back to a high-level map of grid infrastructure. This free course starts May 11th, but you can reserve a seat and start asking questions right now.

Introduction to DA / ADMS” was the most popular topic at the 2020 DISTRIBUTECH Conference. Instructor Robert Uluski teaches the fundamentals of distribution automation (DA) and advanced distribution management systems (ADMS). This course is about using software to optimize grid performance – how utilities can work smarter to meet the growing demand for power in an environment where resources are constrained.

Advanced Opportunities for Credit

For many – especially the folks who don’t work for electric utilities – the free introductory courses will be enough. For some – those building a career in the utility industry – it’ll be worth pursuing a certificate and spending more time learning deeper content and developing a relationship with the instructor.

Dr. Stipe Fustar will join Robert Uluski for “Key Concepts for Utilities: DA & ADMS”. This is an advanced course intended for professionals that want to incorporate distribution automation (DA) and advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) into their career.

Electric Utility Distribution System Operations” is Tim Taylor’s advanced course for anyone building a career in utility operations. It builds on his free tour of electrical distribution equipment, helping you understand the interplay between different parts of the system.

Distribution vs. Generation

HeatSpring will always provide training for efficient clean forms of power generation – that’s not going to change. But we’re excited to spend some time exploring the other half of the equation: power distribution. Some of the thorniest problems facing the growth of clean energy related to the infrastructure in place to distribute energy. We’re seeking to provide the same level of depth and breadth to professionals tackling and solving these problems.