Utility Distribution Systems & Equipment” is a new masterclass developed in partnership with Distributech, POWERGRID, and Utilicast. Instructor Tim Taylor developed the course to help utility and and distributed energy professionals level-up in their careers.

Here’s a week-by-week breakdown of this new course:

Week 1 – Serving Electric Loads and Electric Distribution

Week 2 – Transmitting and Transforming Electric Power

Week 3 – Distribution System Architectures

Week 4 – Voltage Monitoring and Control

Week 5 – Overcurrent Protection

Week 6 – Distribution System Reliability

The goal is to help connect grid professionals to each other, and to an expert in their field for an extended period of time. Together they work through a series of learning exercises designed to help them get up the learning curve faster. Students emerge with a stronger network and a deeper understanding of electrical grid functionality and the ability to envision possible improvements. CEUs are available.

The course begins the week of November 2nd. To learn more and enroll: https://www.heatspring.com/courses/utility-distribution-systems-and-equipment