We need more talented leaders for utility-scale solar construction projects – so starting today, for a limited time, “Understanding Utility-Scale Solar Construction Drawings” is free for HeatSpring Members.

The course was developed by Andy Nyce. Andy began teaching because he needed to create a pipeline of leaders for his own solar projects. He loves helping hard-working solar folk to level-up in their careers. The industry really needs you!

About the course: Understanding Utility-Scale Solar Construction Drawings

This is a purpose-built course designed for utility-scale solar teams. There’s no fluff – our goal is to get everyone speaking the same language and working as a team on utility scale solar projects.

Utility-scale solar farms have a total capacity of 74 GW nationwide—enough to power 16 million homes, and the solar industry employs 253,000 Americans. How valuable would it be for everyone working on your utility-scale solar project to understand construction drawing basics and be able to communicate accurately about what is supposed to happen?

When everyone understands how to read the plan sets, your team:

  • Saves time and money
  • Makes fewer mistakes
  • Develops talent faster
  • Builds a reputation for operational excellence

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