Originally launched back in 2016, HeatSpring just unveiled a brand new updated Energy Modeling in eQUEST course, completely revamped by the knowledgeable team at Harris Energy Solutions. 

About eQUEST

The Quick Energy Simulation Tool, also known as eQUEST, has been considered qualified software for calculating commercial building tax deductions since 2005. Since then, it’s been updated numerous times to get more refined, easier to use, and loaded with more advanced functions. eQUEST is a powerful building energy simulation tool designed to cater to the needs of all design team members, regardless of their level of expertise. The best part? eQUEST is available for free download at DOE-2. Just note that it is intended for PC; although, there are workarounds for Mac users. 

What’s Covered in the Newly Updated Course

This building energy modeling course provides an overview of essential concepts and tools within eQUEST. 

Module 1 – Basics of Building Systems covers the basics of lighting, HVAC systems and building envelope. It discusses various light bulbs, HVAC system features, and factors for efficient building envelope. 

Module 2 – Setting up eQUEST and Schematic Wizard introduces the software and its Schematic Wizard for simple energy modeling to analyze building footprint, envelope, interior construction, and exterior features. 

Module 3 – Design Development Wizard provides detailed design development instructions using eQuest’s wizard tool, including entering general building information and completing shell screens. 

Module 4 – Detailed Edit Mode dives into this mode in eQUEST, including inputting utility data for baselines, troubleshooting errors, and setting up baselines. 

Module 5 – Creating a Baseline Model using Code explains how to use ASHRAE Appendix G to develop code-compliant baseline models. It also discusses IECC and Energy Star’s emphasis on square footage and energy efficiency. 

Ready to take your building energy modeling expertise to the next level? Enroll in the Energy Modeling in eQUEST course today!