Brynn Cooksey’s new course – Energy Modeling for Building Professionals – has been approved as a prerequisite for energy modeling and workscope training required by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) for the Home Energy Professional (HEP) Energy Auditor Certification.

Brynn is a great teacher and you’ll learn a lot in this course. We use Snugg Pro software as a demonstration tool, but you’re not required to have the software to take the course. We use Snugg Pro because it’s one of the DOE-approved software options and it’s recognized by most home performance programs across the country.

If you’re on the path to becoming a certified energy auditor, when you go to fill out your application for the BPI Energy Auditor Certification you’ll see this list of prerequisites:

In that red box is the requirement that this course has been pre-approved to satisfy. So if you’re planning to get that certification in the next five years, completing this course will help you get there. Sign up, complete the course, and submit your certificate of completion along with your application.

There aren’t enough certified energy auditors to do the work we need to do, so if there are any questions we can answer about the process or ways we can help along the way, let us know. 🚀