Boosting Contractor Capacity to Meet Home Performance Demand” is a live webinar that will happen on Wednesday August 14th @ 1pm eastern (USA). The edited presentation will then be available here as a free course.

We are going to present a new model for building contractor capacity: a Home Performance Incubation Program. No matter your role or background in the industry, we’d love to have you join the conversation, but BPI, BPA, Habitat for Humanity, IREC…we need you to weigh in on this.

The primary target audience for this presentation is entities that are most concerned about not having enough contractor capacity. This includes:

  • State agencies
  • Program administrators
  • Non-profit affiliates

As you know, there is a high demand for contractors in government-funded residential construction-focused areas that serve our most vulnerable households. Simply put, there are not enough contractors available to complete the work.

In this webinar we will present a plan. Our panel brings expertise in designing and implementing programs with deep knowledge and experience in the workforce training and income-eligible energy efficiency sectors. We will outline our proposed solution: the Home Performance Contractor Incubation Program.

Home performance contractors looking to scale their operations, or contractors in adjacent markets like HVAC, plumbing, solar energy, and electrical are also encouraged to attend. Your companies are in the best position to grow and this presentation will give you some ideas about how to do it.

About Mark Kravatz

Mark Kravatz is the Founder and President of Alidade Consultants, where he focuses on helping organizations undergo meaningful transformations. His journey in this field has been guided by an 20-year track record in leadership roles, primarily in the consulting and nonprofit sectors. His expertise lies in organizational mapping, strategic planning, structural design, implementation, and enhancing operational processes.

In Mark’s years at the senior leadership levels of various organizations, he’s tackled complex challenges in strategy, governance, and change management. This hands-on experience uniquely equips him to understand and address the specific issues that organizations face. For clients of Alidade Consultants, this means you’re getting more than just advice; you’re gaining a partner who knows firsthand the complexities of leadership and can offer practical, actionable solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

When working with organizations, Mark’s approach is to blend these methodologies with a balanced business perspective. The goal is to develop customized strategies that are not just transformative but also sustainable and impactful. He prides himself on offering thoughtful leadership and problem-solving skills.

About Laure-Jeanne Davignon

Laure-Jeanne Davignon is Director of Workforce Partnerships at HeatSpring where she focuses on accelerating the just transition to a carbon-free economy through national and international efforts to cultivate a diverse, highly skilled workforce. Her inspiration is ensuring that the clean energy transition ‘shifts the paradigm’ to help address historic inequities. Her strategy is helping to build effective workforce systems focused on empowering people, families, and communities.