Understanding Utility Scale Solar Construction Drawings – Free for HeatSpring Members

We need more talented leaders for utility-scale solar construction projects – so starting today, for a limited time, “Understanding Utility-Scale Solar Construction Drawings” is free for HeatSpring Members.

The course was developed by Andy Nyce. Andy began teaching because he needed to create a pipeline of leaders for his own solar projects. He loves helping hard-working […]

“The Hydrogen Economy” Free to HeatSpring Members for a Limited Time

Starting April 1st, for a limited time, Andy Nyce’s “The Hydrogen Economy” is included with your HeatSpring Membership. Membership is an inexpensive way to access premium courses that usually cost more. There are tons of other benefits, too – you can explore membership here or sign up directly through “The Hydrogen Economy” course page.

About “The […]

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Project Managers & Interconnection Specialists Needed to Build 437GW of New Utility-Scale Solar

Wood Mackenzie projects the U.S. utility-scale PV market will add 437 GW between 2022 and 2032. That’s 43,700 MW every year for ten years. It’s a staggering number and no solar company has the people they need to deliver at that scale.

I’m no genius, but I feel confident predicting that utility-scale solar project & […]

How Can Fast-Moving Solar Companies Adjust to Growth?

It’s no secret the solar industry is growing quickly. 

In fact, 2020 set records for the industry. The fourth quarter exceeded the quarterly records set in fourth quarter 2016 by 22%, and the year ended with 19.2 GW installed, 43% more than the capacity added in 2019 –in spite of the global pandemic, according to the […]

Production and Productivity on a Solar Construction Site

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is an old quote that speaks a great deal of truth – especially when applied to the large scale solar construction site.

One of the core features of a solar power plant is the simple fact that it’s built from a number of very clear and separate ‘component pieces’ […]

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