Wood Mackenzie projects the U.S. utility-scale PV market will add 437 GW between 2022 and 2032. That’s 43,700 MW every year for ten years. It’s a staggering number and no solar company has the people they need to deliver at that scale.

I’m no genius, but I feel confident predicting that utility-scale solar project & interconnection specialists will have an easy time finding work for at least the next decade.

Tim Taylor and Andy Nyce are smart, experienced, and easy to work with. They are teaming up to offer a course bundle that includes their best-selling courses. It’s called the Utility-Scale Solar Project Management & Interconnection Specialist Bundle, which is a combination of these two courses:

These courses were built for solar professionals looking to understand the full cycle of the development, engineering, construction, commissioning and interconnection of large scale solar projects.

About the courses & instructors

The ‘Utility Scale Solar Construction & Project Management’ course, taught by Andy Nyce – Director of Project Management at Erthos, will provide you with a strong understanding of what goes into designing and installing large scale solar. It’s been specifically created to ensure that folk joining the industry or looking to ‘level up’ have the knowledge necessary. However – the completion of the solar PV facility is only one part of the puzzle! 

Tim Taylor, with over 30 years of experience in utility distribution systems, has created a world class course which will provide you with a knowledge base of utility distribution systems and the latest interconnection requirements including IEEE 1547-2018, for interconnecting the solar power plant to the utility grid distribution system.