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Free course: Commercial Solar Design & 2014 NEC Code Changes
Free course: Solar Design, Code, Economics, Sales and Site Visits

New Course Announcement: The Hydrogen Economy

If you see yourself as a solar person like me, you’ve likely heard about hydrogen being a key to unlocking a decarbonized future, but you may not know too much about the technology or how many opportunities for partnership lie ahead between renewable energy and hydrogen companies. 

Hydrogen is still considered nascent within mainstream commercial decarbonization […]

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New Course: Understanding IEEE 1547-2018 – The Interconnection Standard for DER on Distribution

HeatSpring is pleased to announce a new course focusing on IEEE 1547-2018, the interconnection standard for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) on utility distribution systems.  Understanding IEEE 1547-2018 – The Interconnection Standard for DER on Distribution, will launch in February 2023, and you can now sign up, in advance, for the course on HeatSpring.  

IEEE 1547-2018, IEEE […]

Stay Curious and Build Your Climatetech Knowledge with Canary

Canary Media is one of our favorite ways to stay up to date with the fast growing renewable energy sector, and at Heatspring, we all enjoy tuning into their daily newsletter.

Many of Canary’s journalists have been following the rise of climatetech since its infancy, so we trust that they recognize what real progress looks like […]

December 9th, 2022|Categories: Clean Energy Policy, HeatSpring Partners||

Understanding Registered Apprenticeship Program Standards: Solar Technician Example

Casey Coghlan understands all the ins and outs of Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). Before she worked as a Colorado Apprenticeship Consultant, Casey worked on the employer side of apprenticeship equation where she built a RAP for a construction company. Through that experience, she learned firsthand how straightforward and beneficial structured workforce development programs, like RAPs, […]

Direct Pay and the Right to Transfer Tax Credits in the Inflation Reduction Act

HeatSpring hosts a free course titled Getting Solar for Nonprofits, Government, and Non-Taxpayers. In the recorded live session, HeatSpring instructor Chris Lord asks Jeffrey Lesk of New Partners Community Solar to explain the new direct pay option and the right to transfer tax credits within the Inflation Reduction Act. Tune into the video to learn […]