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Learn the Basics of the Energy Community Bonus Adder Provision 

When we think about the term energy communities, as in the bonus adder provision included in the Inflation Reduction Act, we’re referring to legacy fossil fuel communities anchored in the extraction, processing, or generation of energy using coal, oil, and gas. While many are excited about the clean energy transition, it’s important to consider the […]

What Are the Types of Solar Incentives?

Solar incentives often make or break the motivation for a homeowner to get solar. Depending on the physical location, your client may be eligible for various types of incentives at the utility, state, and federal level. It’s important for solar sales people to have a firm understanding of the different incentives and rebates and how […]

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New Free Course Announcement: Inflation Reduction Act Solar Provisions: Direct Pay

Elective Pay (more commonly known as Direct Pay) creates a pathway for nonprofit organizations to utilize tax credits. It was included as a provision in the Inflation Reduction Act passed in August 2022. Prior to Direct Pay, it was difficult for tax-exempt organizations to go solar. That’s because the primary incentive to go solar – […]

Around the Solar World in 80 Days

A journey into the heart of the growing clean energy sector and what we learned while we were there

It’s no secret that the solar industry is facing an unprecedented time in our evolution. The opportunities have never been greater, and at the same time we face new and perplexing challenges on the regulatory and other […]

What are Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)?

Homeowners who produce solar energy on their property can generate solar renewable energy certificates (often called SRECs or RECs) based on the amount of clean energy their solar panels generate. These SRECs can then be sold to companies or utilities looking to offset their own carbon emissions or to meet renewable energy targets. 

SREC marketplaces don’t […]

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