Adam Gerza from Energy Toolbase joined this week’s live Solar Entrepreneurship class. Adam is incredibly knowledgeable about solar policy and we asked him to speak about the Inflation Reduction Act. What’s really changing and where are the new opportunities for entrepreneurial thinkers. It was a fun discussion because he and Kerim are both so smart. The full presentation is available in the solar entrepreneurship class.

At the end I did my best to summarize what the action items are for solar companies. What should they be doing right now to capitalize on the new legislation?

I’m not as smart as Adam or Kerim, which can sometimes be useful. It forces me to use small words and break it down to a very basic level.

So at a very basic level, here are the three things your solar company should do:

  1. Update the financial models that you use to sell. Solar’s gotten a lot more attractive for for certain customers. I need to get my sales, you know, models up to date so that I can appropriately sell and capitalize on those opportunities. And maybe Energy Toolbase is a great tool for. But, but step one is understand how the economics have changed.
  2. Adjust your marketing campaigns to target newly attractive customers. There are a whole bunch of customers who maybe it wasn’t going to make sense to do solar before. And now it does. You need to make sure that you’re getting in front of those customers fast. 
  3. Learn more. Adam has a webinar coming up. Solar Academy has a daily newsletter. CALSSA or your local organization will be doing their best on policy changes. And we have a bunch of great classes and webinars coming, too.,

It’s kind of a dynamic and changing landscape. Exciting though, right?