Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, we’re going to triple the solar industry by 2027. Yes, that’s right, triple. Today we are installing 20 GW of solar in the US. By 2027, we will be installing 60 GW or more. It’s a very exciting time in the clean energy transition and we hope you will join us and tell others about this great opportunity. Whether you’re an energy professional, aspiring solar installer, an architect, engineer, facility owner/manager, or public official. Or perhaps you just starting your career – we love young professionals and workers of all ages and experience. Now is the time to start talking about the biggest challenge which is also an amazing opportunity – getting more people to dedicate their careers (and benefit from the job security that solar, wind and battery storage offers) to the energy transition.

You see, tripling the number of solar panels, power electronics, and solar racking going in the ground or on rooftops is actually the easy part. Yes, that infrastructure spells jobs, economic growth and a safer, healthier future for humanity. But we have a shortfall of capable, smart, willing people to make the energy transition happen. Won’t you join us and tell a friend or colleague about our training and education opportunities on Heatspring today?

One of our newest additions to the Heatspring family is Tim Montague, NABCEP certified solar professional, podcaster and online instructor of two new courses: Selling & Developing Commercial-Industrial Solar and Qualifying Commercial Solar Leads.  These courses are aimed at helping you (and your friends and colleagues) understand what makes a good commercial solar project? How does it benefit a building owner to install rooftop solar? What’s involved in figuring out if your facility or commercial project will translate into a good solar project? How do you drive that project forward? What are the steps a developer or installer goes through with their customer to help them reduce their power bill by 50 to 75% with a rooftop or ground mount solar project?

Solar PV is 39% of new power generating facilities in the US in 2022. Yet it is only 5% of grid power. What does that mean? Pure growth is ahead, and the wind is now at our backs with the generous incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

How to learn more? Check out Tim’s free course on Qualifying Commercial Solar Leads.  He’s also giving a live webinar with his colleague Louis Langlois from EDP Renewables on October 4thCommercial Solar for Facility Owners | register for free.

In Tim’s courses and webinar, he explores C&I solar from the perspective of the facility owner, the solar professional (installer, EPC, developer), and the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction).

He will answer some of the key design and economic questions:

  • What types of facilities are best suited to rooftop solar?
  • What are the costs and benefits of going solar?
  • Roof vs. ground mount considerations?
  • How do available space, roof condition, the cost of power, and net metering rules factor in?
  • How do you properly size a solar PV system to offset 100% of the building load?
  • What are some equipment options in terms of modules, racking and inverters?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities in key markets across the US?
  • What role do incentives and legislation play?
  • What are the fire safety and worker safety considerations?

Tim is a great instructor because he’s a real live solar professional and has developed over 50 megawatts of commercial and community solar. He enjoys giving real examples and case studies, including manufacturing and logistics, schools, healthcare, and retail industries. Join us for this comprehensive course to effectively sell and develop solar for C&I clients!

According to Yale University, commercial rooftops hold 145 gigawatts of untapped solar potential. The only way we are going to bring those roofs into the age of clean energy is to get you and your friends more involved in commercial solar. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for young professionals and a wonderful career for anyone young or old! Won’t you join us at Heatspring and accelerate the transition to clean renewable energy for a safer, healthier future for humanity?

About Tim Montague

Tim Montague, M.S. is a NABCEP PV Technical Sales certified solar professional and project developer for EDPR who has assessed and designed hundreds of commercial solar installations and seen dozens of projects through from initial site visit to final installation. Montague is the host of the popular Clean Power Hour podcast dedicated to bringing you the best in solar, wind and energy storage news and interviews. He is a member of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and serves on the board of the Illinois Green Business Association. He holds a B.A. in Ecology from the University of California at San Diego and a Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His motto is “Growth for the greater good!”