Learning the solar development process through HeatSpring’s Solar Executive MBA can help you accelerate growth in your career. Working within a given role at a company can only provide you with so much perspective. It can be challenging to continue to grow simply because your day-to-day includes a familiar role, company, processes, and partners. 

For recent HeatSpring graduates Staats and Corey, taking the Solar Executive MBA gave them additional contexts to boost their careers by providing knowledge that they wouldn’t have been able to gain otherwise. 

“It gave me a lot of respect and appreciation for the developers that are able to get a project to the stage when we get brought in….taking this course has allowed me to be more educated when I’m talking to project developers who are our potential customers and who are our customers.” – Staats

“You hear a lot of different perspectives of people who are coming into the solar industry or are working already in the industry that are just doing different things than we are. As advocates, that’s really really a great opportunity for me – in my own personal professional development, but also in my work – to hear the challenges that people are going through trying to develop projects – some of the things that work and don’t work, because it lets us be a little bit more savvy in terms of how we interact with the industry and how we communicate the challenges to representatives and folks at the state, local, and even national level.” – Corey

Tune into the interview snippets below to hear first-hand accounts of the Solar Executive MBA experience from Corey and Staats.