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The growth of the solar industry happened in large part because of innovation on the finance side of the industry. We write regularly on solar finance, providing free courses and resources to help you truly understand the mechanics of solar finance.

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How to Complete the Deal by Keeping Solar Financing Simple

Developers of small to mid-sized commercial and industrial projects, those under 300 or 400 kW, are often tempted to think about power purchase agreements (PPA) and partnership flips as the one-size-fits-all financing solution for solar projects, says Christopher Lord, instructor of HeatSpring’s Solar Executive MBA Training course.

The reality is that such structures are generally too […]

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Solar ITC Extended, Huge Public Market Investment in Solar: What it Means for 2021

The solar industry’s year ended with good news for 2021, and other positive headlines may be coming. Not only did the industry see high public market investment in 2020. The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was extended. 

“The solar industry looks fantastic,” says Sean White, instructor of HeatSpring’s  58-Hour  NABCEP Advanced PV certification Training and PV […]

Democratizing Solar Energy with an ITC Refund

The solar industry is lobbying for measures to move solar energy forward during the ongoing pandemic and financial crisis–measures that could help bring solar to more people in the U.S., boost the economy and help meet greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The industry hopes Congress, in its efforts to create a new stimulus package, will pass some […]

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Load Modeling Tool Helps Users Decide How to Best Use Solar, Storage & Controls

To make the most effective use of solar, it’s critical to know when and how a customer is using power–and see if there’s a match between load and solar availability.

While this seems like a simple idea, using a load modeling tool can help potential solar customers uncover details about their usage they hadn’t considered before […]

The Benefits of Standardized Solar Contracts

Students in HeatSpring’s newly updated Solar Executive MBA Training Course learn about how to take advantage of a standardized solar contract, one of the course’s important new features.

“If you use your own agreement, you need to find an investor comfortable with it,” says Chris Lord, instructor, along with Keith Cronin, of the Solar Executive MBA […]

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