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The growth of the solar industry happened in large part because of innovation on the finance side of the industry. We write regularly on solar finance, providing free courses and resources to help you truly understand the mechanics of solar finance.

Free Solar Finance courses

HeatSpring is the Official Training Platform Provider for DOE Solar District Cup 2020

HeatSpring for Groups is proud to announce we are working with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office to provide our industry leading professional training content and educational platform to the participants of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition.

Participants include students and faculty advisers from 61 teams, […]

New NABCEP Recertification Requirements Now In Effect

NABCEP’s new recertification requirements totaling 30 hours of CEU credits and updated industry involvement requirements have officially taken effect. NABCEP updated their requirements on January 1, 2019 but allowed for a 12 month transition period which has now expired. Visit this page for a breakdown of the new CEU requirements for each of NABCEP’s […]

Solar Optimization in 2020

Where are you and solar heading next year?

After five days of networking and education in Salt Lake
City at the solar conference, a recurring theme emerged.

This was across all segments of the solar industry and
touched others as well. We saw it in panels, inverters, storage, racking,
software and AI.

Panels are becoming more optimized with Longi bifacials and
144 […]

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Helping Non-Profits Understand the Urgency of the Solar Tax Credit Phase-Out

It’s vital that non-profits understand the urgency of the phase-out of the federal solar tax credits, says Keith Cronin, co-instructor for HeatSpring’s Solar Executive MBA Training course.

Because non-profits tend to be cautious, don’t focus on tax credits, and move slowly, they have been an underserved market, says Cronin.

The federal solar tax credit – which is […]

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How Can NGOs Access Valuable Federal Solar Tax Credits?

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which are nonprofit entities that operate independently of any government, aren’t able to directly utilize federal tax credits available for solar, says Chris Lord, instructor of HeatSpring’s Solar Finance Masters Series and other courses.

Here’s the problem: By definition, NGOS, because they are non-profits, can’t access federal tax credits, he says. That’s a challenge […]

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