Why did you decide to start your business?

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? 

What makes you tick? 

Knowing these things are prerequisites for a positive work relationship, and they’re hard to learn from a website or a LinkedIn profile. 

Long-form podcast conversations are more intimate than most digital media, and in the solar industry there are a handful of podcasts that do the heavy lifting of creating access to people and ideas. Tim Montague and John Weaver’s “Clean Power Hour” is one that I appreciate and listen to. 

This episode with Helioscope’s Paul Grana is a great example. I’ve known Helioscope (and Paul) for many years, but it wasn’t until I listened to this episode of the Clear Power Hour that I truly understood his mindset and backstory.

This episode with Jim Tyler helped me understand the origins of an innovative company – Erthos – that I’ve known a little bit about for a long time. Hearing the origin story made me pay more serious attention to the company and it’s vision.

Even Tim, who’s been a HeatSpring instructor for years, is a guy I’ve only met a couple of times in person. Listening to him on the show has been an effective way to learn how he thinks and attacks a problem.

Not everything warrants a deep dive, but your business partners, products, and customers are worth knowing. With nearly 200 episodes, Tim’s podcast will help you do that in an efficient and enjoyable way. I recommend checking it out.