Residential solar systems come with contracts that span 20-25 years. Solar company staff need to become experts in each of the agreements and contracts that are utilized in the development and execution of residential solar construction projects, so that they can communicate these details clearly to their customers. Understanding key components and the role that each of these documents serve for the company and the customer set clear expectations around the project, its execution, and the ongoing relationship between the homeowner, the utility, and the solar installation company. 

Setting clear expectations and following through on those expectations allows solar companies to provide great customer service, build a happy customer base, and cultivate referral business. 

To get this curriculum out to the industry, HeatSpring and ReVision Energy teamed up to create the new Customer Contracts & Agreements course.  While the course was designed to be useful to anyone in the United States, the course was originally developed for inclusion into ReVision’s 2-year Customer Service Apprenticeship Program.

The new Customer Contracts & Agreements course is perfect for any one who may be answering questions from homeowners, including (but certainly not limited to) customer service staff, the operations team, and sales reps.

Students will get to hear from subject matter experts from Solar United Neighbors, Sun Tribe Trading, BayWa r.e., Sol-Ark, and EnergySage who have contributed to the creation of this course.

This course includes 15 training hours toward the NABCEP PV Technical Sales exam requirement of 58 hours and up to 15 CEUs for other professional NABCEP recertifications. 

About the ReVision Energy Training Center and Apprenticeship Programs

The increased demand for renewable energy technology has come with a critical need for a skilled, qualified workforce. Beginning in 2018 with a first-of-its-kind electrical apprenticeship program, employee-owned ReVision Energy has since expanded its apprenticeship program offerings to include apprenticeships ranging from design to customer experience to management programs. 

The Customer Contracts & Agreements course is the first course in the HeatSpring and ReVision Energy partnership to build comprehensive solar coursework in a variety of solar occupations.

You can learn more about the ReVision Energy Training Center here.

Ready to get your team well-prepared for handling questions and processes related to residential solar contracts and agreements? Enroll them today in the new Customer Contracts & Agreements course!